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Shower Power Booster

Ask Alan

Shower Power Booster

Ask Alan

UNIQUE Patented Design


BRITISH Designed & Made

UNIQUE patented design | As seen on BBC DRAGON’S DEN | BRITISH designed & made

Ask Alan

Nobody knows the Shower Power Booster pump like Alan Wright – its inventor!

Explore the frequently asked questions and supporting information below to find the answer to many common questions and any issues encountered during installation or use.

If you simply want to know what pump will be best for you you can click on this page link  to find the answer to this and much more.

If you still can’t find the answer you need or you just want a friendly individual customer support then please contact us.




Is it Legal To Boost Mains Water?

The ShowerPowerBooster can legally Boost low water mains pressure in the UK and Scotland.

It is legal to fit a ShowerPowerBooster on the cold mains feed – Click here to see an extract from the Regulations

The Shower Power Booster supplies the perfect flow for a single shower or tap flow and you will be able to get this water 24/7 everyday of the week provided there is water in the main.

It is illegal in the UK to take more than 12 litres a minute as too much water, this would also pose a serious risk to your health and the health of your neighbours.

Even if you wanted a big pump to take enough water to run 3 taps at a time please don’t do it as it not only stirs up the mains but collapses the pressure so you neighbours cannot have water and when they do get water it will probably be contaminated.

Since the Shower Power Booster pump limits flow rather than pressure your best choice for boosting mains water pressure into a home is to double boost and use a SP21S so you get maximum pressure without exceeding the 12 litres a minute maximum. The Shower Power Booster pump will work anywhere in the world as it is powered by a transformer which runs from a 110 to 240 ac power supply which converts it to 12 volts, or runs directly from a 12 volt car battery. Outside the UK we recommend you buy 22mm to 3/4 inch adaptors so you can easily connect to existing local pipework.

The reason for limiting the amount of water you can ‘pull’ from a water distribution main is that a large pump with large suction can cause depressurisation of the incoming pipe which will allow contamination, sewage, and other nasties into the pipe and stir up sediment. In England, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland, the original ‘Water Bylaws’ (now the ‘Water Regulations Guide’), set a limit of 12 litres a minute as the maximum rating of a pump to avoid risk of de-pressurisation.

How do I use the 3 piece reducing set?

Pumps can be installed on either 22mm or 15mm pipe. The body of the pump is 22mm but if you are installing on 15mm pipe we supply 22 x 15mm 3 piece reducing sets to enable installation on 15mm pipe.

How to use a 3 Piece Reducing Set:




1. Remove 22mm Nut & Olive
2. Insert the bush, thin end first (The surface in contact with inside of the SPB barrel would benefit with a smear of plumbers mate or a little tape).
3. Insert the 15mm Olive (A smear if plumbers mate or a little tape will help prevent leaks)
4. Place ring on Olive, with lip on Olive
5. Put the 22mm Nut back on & tighten

Please note that the mesh and rubber surround is only to position the mesh and it has nothing to do with sealing or preventing leaks.

How do I link two Shower Power Booster pumps?

Two pumps can be linked together to provide either a double boost or a balanced flow:

Two Automatic Pumps:

(SP22S or SP2B & SP2U)







One Automatic Pump & One Manual Pump:

(SP21S or SP2B & SP1U)





Pumps located in different areas of a house can be linked together with extension cables. 3m extension cables allow the pumps to be up to 15m away from the power source.

Please note that there are 3 cables running between the pumps – you will need a minimum of 3 extension cables if pumps are over 3m apart.


Where can I find a plumber to fit my Shower Power Booster?

For some customers the right plumber is you. We have designed the pumps for easy DIY and you should have everything in the box to do the job (the record claimed by a 85 year old man in Norfolk is 8 minutes to fit a pump).

However, if you would like a plumber to fit the booster for you then check our list/map of plumbers experienced in fitting our shower power booster pumps.

Can I boost every tap and shower in my home with a single Shower Power Booster?

A single Shower Power Booster pump fitted near the hot water cylinder could boost every tap and shower in the house and this is the first choice for most customers.Is this the right choice for me?

A pair of Shower Power Booster pumps fitted on the hot and cold to a shower stops the shower fluctuating in temperature when someone else turns a tap on.

It will depend on your own home and your needs.You could go for either according to what is important to you or you might even decide to boost every tap and shower and protect the flow to your shower at the same time (a double boost on the hot and a single boost on the cold).

If you have an upstairs shower or a bungalow with a cold tank in the loft, a single micro pump will add around 3 metres head, which added to the 1 metre head you already have gives:

Quadruple your pressure and double your flow!

In all cases where we double the pressure your flow will increase by 50% (A downstairs shower with 3 metres head already will only double in pressure with a 25% increase in flow).

Boost the power and flow of your tap or shower!

4 out of 5 people get away with just a single pump on the hot as most people like hot showers requiring 2/3 hot to 1/3 cold, there is normally enough cold pressure to achieve this. For people who like cold showers, or your cold pressure is very poor (or your mixer needs a balanced flow), a second pump on the cold may be required. We sell a second pump at half the cost of the hot pump, if you are unlucky enough to need this.


How can I check the Shower Power Booster pump before installation?


Yes, we recommend that you carry out the following pre fitting checks:

Plug in the transformer and pumps before fitting, and simply blow through the pump to activate the flow switch (automatic pump only). This was done at the factory, so you should not find a problem, but for peace of mind a pre fitting check is recommended.

For further checks go to YouTube and type ‘Shower Power Booster – Pre Fitting Checks’ or Follow the Link.

The LED light on an SP2B (Automatic Pump) is a useful diagnostic tool:

No LED light – Pump has no power
Constant LED light – Flow switch has power
Slow flashing light – Transformer fault
Fast flashing light – Pump is pumping and water flowing through the pump at a rate greater than 1.5 litres a minute

Please note that after switching off the flow switch will delay switching the pump on again for up to 20 seconds (depending on switching program). This delay is deliberate and allows pumps to deal with air entrained in a system and is not a fault.


Why is the Shower Power Booster not kicking in when the water is turned on?

You can reconfigure the wiring on Automatic pumps so that instead of relying on the flow switch, pumps are activated by the power supply.

You can activate a power supply by turning on a three-pin plug socket, using a radio remote or by wiring in to a lighting

How can I check and remove any air trapped in the system?

Air trapped in the pipework can significantly reduce flow.

If the pump runs but the LED fluctuates between a solid and flashing blue light, it is likely trapped air.

Remove any shower head, fully turn on the shower and plug the power supply directly into the white motor (bypassing the electronic brain). This will maximise flow and pass most pockets of trapped air.

If the hot pipe near the cylinder rises into the loft, across and down to the outlet, an ‘inverted U’ is created which may trap a column or air with no means of escaping. A solution is to tee the pipe into the vent pipe and fit the Shower Power Booster there.

Is there Insufficient water reaching pump?

If there is insufficient water reaching the outlet, the pump may drain the water from the vent pipe until it is empty. The pump will then spin quickly. This can allow the incoming water to ‘catch up’ and re-prime the pump, identified by a lower tone. As soon as it exhausts the water again the process repeats.

Check that any shut off valve has been fully opened again once the pump is fitted. A faulty valve or sediment in the hot water cylinder can also block flow.

Why is my mixer pulsing or ‘hunting’ for water?

Pulsing is most commonly a symptom of air or back pressures caused by a small-bore shower hose or inefficient shower head. Take off the shower head and/or hose and check if this resolves the issue.

Mixers react to hot water by opening up the cold port. Some mixers can be slow to react which results in pulsing.

Some mixers also contain an ‘anti-scald’ which can be triggered by excessively high-water temperature. Reduce temperature at your boiler.

If symptoms persist, consider fitting a Shower Power Booster to the cold-water feed to equal pressure and performance.


Warranty & Care Pack

Shower Power Booster Warranty & Care Pack

All SPB pumps are covered by a 2 year as standard however one SPB care pack covers multiple pumps in a property .
Traditional pumps are sold with warranties on the basis that you pay an inspection fee if the pump is not found to be faulty, but we will never do this.

2 Year Warranty – Key Features

There is no charge for inspecting the pump however the customer will be expected to pay for the return postage.

• 2 year return to factory warranty from date of purchase should the pump fail.
• Pumps must be returned to the factory for inspection.
• The fault will rectified and the pump returned to the customer or a new replacement pump will be sent to the customer at the discretion of the factory
• If no fault is found the original pump will be returned to the customer

3 Year SPB Care Pack – Key Features

• Valid for 3 years from the date of purchase if purchased within 2 years of purchase.
• Access to troubleshooting advice – we can often diagnose your problem without removing your pump.
• Pump Replacement Service – if we think the pump might be faulty we will send a replacement pump free of charge before you remove the old pump.
• Pump Collection Service – we collect your old pump free of charge and you get to keep the new pump.

Our 3 Year SPB Warranty Care Pack can be purchased within the 2 year warranty period and offers you peace of mind and for a one off fee of £10.

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