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Shower Power Booster

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3 Year Care Package – £10
Increases the warranty from two to three years – benefit from new for old exchange up to 3 years from purchase, all postage paid.

2 metre Extension Cables – £5
If you need to extend a power supply into the loft from a power point near the cylinder, or from outside a bathroom to under the bath.
Your pump can be fitted up to 2 metres away from a plug socket with the transformer supplied by us. Ask us if you are not sure.

Shower Heads and Hoses £12.99
WRightChoice shower heads can give a good shower in situations where many other shower heads will give you a pathetic dribble. The shower heads we sell were judged the best in test at Cranfield University (which is why we decided to sell them). You find that you may not have a good shower head and a high flow shower hose, even if you bought a new shower mixer.

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Spare 12 volt power supply – £25
Power a second SPB if the two pumps are too far away.
Replace just your existing power supply should it fail after the warranty period.

Spare Motor – £25
Replace just your pump motor should it fail after the warranty period.

Replacement ShowerPowerBooster – £89 and £55
Replace the motor and body of the ShowerPowerBooster should it fail after the warranty period. A complete ShowerPowerBooster (minus the power supply), which slips in using the original nuts and olives from the original ShowerPowerBooster.

22mm Slip Joint – £5
It is unlikely you will need one of these unless and only if you find you need to fit a ShowerPowerBooster on a very short straight pipe between two fixed points.
Pipes which disappear under floor boards or into the loft give you much more than the 8mm of play you need.

22mm to 3/4inch Swivel Connector
You might need one of these for fitting the ShowerpPowerbBooster if you live in Eastern Europe, Cyprus, Turkey, Nigeria. This allows the pump to be fitted directly on to a 3/4inch threaded pipe.

22mm to 3/4″ Conversion Olives and 1/2 inch olives
Unless you live in Southern Ireland , Northern Ireland, or New Zealand you are unlikely to need either of these. Pipework in old houses pre 1962 might have imperial pipe sizes, but most have gone as homes were updated. You can buy these from your local plumber’s merchant.