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Adaptations and assistance with independent living, which require the conversion of a bathroom to a shower room, almost always involves the fitting of a 9 KW electric shower. Since the 54% increase in energy costs in April 2022, with further rises anticipated in October 2022, it is vital that we consider the cost of energy when we provide showers. In this article I look at the relative advantages, the pros and cons, of fitting a ShowerPowerBooster as opposed to a 9 KW electric shower. The ShowerPowerBooster is a 5 star approved pump. It is the ONLY pump with a full five star TrustPilot Score, with over 1,300 reviews. It is the only pump that will allow a good shower whatever your plumbing system is. It is always the cheapest solution, SPBs can be fitted in under 30 minutes, they simply plug into a standard 3 pin plug socket, and costs less than either an electric shower or a traditional power shower. The reliability of the pump is better than any other pump sold in the UK, with a 3 year warranty possible.

In 2016, I attempted to persuade the contractors undertaking this type of work to use ShowerPowerBoosters. The price of gas and electricity was less than half the price it is today. Today my pumps will give a better shower than a 9kw electric shower, a lower installation cost,

I have used the published capped rates as of 1/4/2022 of 28p per KW for electricity and 7p per KW for gas. All calculations can be seen using these links Summary Costs Detailed Costs

It is often said that the interests of the customer are paramount, but the current practice leaves a homeowner with the high costs of heating water by electricity and a poor shower, the council with high costs and complaints, whilst the contractor is the primary beneficiary of this activity as electric shower go wrong frequently and need frequent replacement.

What The Homeowner Gets with an Electric Shower

A Poor Shower – A 9KW electric shower will deliver a poor shower, with only 4.5 litres of water a minute at 42 degrees centigrade possible. This is the standard for those in receipt of a Disabled Facilities Grant. A good shower requires 6 litres a minute to give a flow of water which is enough to efficiently wash away suds. Putting in such a poor shower is false economy. The recipient will need to be in the shower for a much longer time and will use at least as much water as a 6 litre shower running for just 5 minutes.

High Energy Costs – To deliver 30 litres of water heated from 5 degrees centigrade to 42 degrees centigrade will cost 57p for each shower and the annual energy cost in a typical two person dwelling would be £410 a year. With a ShowerPowerBooster this could be 20p for each shower (£144 a year). This could save £266 per year at todays prices.

What The Local Authority gets by switching to ShowerPowerBooster Showers.

The ability to give a 6 litre a minute shower using an electric shower is very expensive, as it would require a dedicated electrical supply back to the main fuse box. It is unreasonable to compare a SPB with a 12.5 KW electric shower, as a 12.5 KW shower would cost twice that of either option, so I have compared the cost of a substandard 9KW shower with the cost of a SPB shower.. The cost of a 9KW electric shower is approximately £350 to buy, £150 to fit (electrician), £60 (plumber), Total £560

If there is not a spare fuse for the new electric shower you can add £600 for a new fuse box which is happily paid for by the councils.

The cost of a ShowerPowerBooster is as low £125, A shower mixer costs £90 to buy, £60 (plumber). electrician (not required), total £275 – the supply and fit of a shower capable of giving a 6 litre a minute shower for less than a 4.5 litre a minute shower.

The primary advantage of using ShowerPowerBooster is the energy savings to the home owner and giving a more reliable solution.

What a Contractor gets by switching to ShowerPowerBooster Showers

The overall cost of fitting showers using a SPB micro pump rather than electric showers is much cheaper, unlike electric showers, with SPB there is no inbuilt obsolescence. The ShowerPowerBooster has a long history of reliable service in thousands of homes.