Shower Power Booster

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Shower Power Booster

Easy | Efficient | Effective

Increasing the flow from a kitchen tap. - Shower Power Booster


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Many new kitchen taps need mains pressure on the hot to balance mains pressure on the cold.

A SP21S is a kit which costs £155 and includes two pumps, can be fitted underneath the sink or as far away as next to the hot water cylinder to give you in excess of 1 bar pressure. It is a simple DIY job to do and you should not need an electrician. The hot pressure at the kitchen sink will typically increase by 200% and if you double the pressure you should increase the flow by 50%. For mixer taps this increase can be considerably more.

ShowerPowerBooster SP21S

Double Boost with the SP21S to get the equivalent of mains pressure on the hot.

We sell lots of pumps to boost the hot at a kitchen sink and lots of 5 star reviews.

Trustpilot Review - Darren Lee

Trustpilot Review – Darren Lee 20th Feb 2021

I have one extremely happy wife as fitted one of these on a kitchen sink tap that despite having the kitchen refitted several times in 20+ years and having numermous plumbers look at and try to solve the problem no one had without having to fit a huge pump that we had no space to! The shower power booster fitted perfectly on the pipes behind the kitchen sink unit and now we have a perfect flow of hot water to our sink! Thrilled to bits and highly recommend!