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Shower Power Booster

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Salamander Home Boost Vs Shower Power Booster

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Salamander Home Boost
The Shower Power Booster and the Salamander Home Boost, both recognise when pressure and flow needs boosting and boosts the pressure of the incoming mains water. Both can legally be fitted on an incoming service pipe.

See legislation as to maximum flow rate that can be pumped from a cold water service pipe.

The SPB achieves this without complex and expensive electronics, and with a fraction of the power usage of the Salamander, and its cheaper. If its just a single shower or tap you wish to boost then a SP21S on the incoming main is all that is required.

A good shower needs enough water to wash away the suds and enough pressure to give a nice forceful spray pattern. We aim to give 6 litres a minute and a minimum of 3 metres head to achieve this and the SPB achieves this with aplomb

Flow Pressure Output From A Shower Power Booster

For making sure an electric shower works well (typically 4.5 litres a minute), a Shower Power Booster is perfect.

For a Combination Boiler you need to consider if you want to boost more water than for just a single shower or tap used at one time.

Output From Combination Boilers
24 KW Combi Boiler gives 11.5 litres a minute (2 showers)
30 KW Combi Boiler gives 14.5 litres a minute (2.4 showers)
42 KW Combi Boiler gives 20.0 litres a minute (3 showers)

If you have a Combination Boiler which is dropping out due to low pressure and you only want to run one shower or tap then the SPB is for you. If you want up to 12 litres a minute this is the legal limit for a pump on a cold water mains feed and might be provided by other pumps such as the Salamander Home Boost.

The legal limit is there for a reason and if you have several consumers pumping 12 litres a minute from the same service pipe then you will exceed the maximum and cause negative head in the service pipe thus possibly pulling in contaminants. On a shared service on neighbour may ‘steal’ all the water which might be why you are now suffering?

At Shower Power Booster we come across customers who have fitted bigger pumps but the service pipe will simply not deliver 12 litres a minute so its well worth checking the ‘Maximum Free Discharge’ from the service pipe before you fit the bigger pump.

Run a full bore tap from the service pipe or cut the pipe to check if with a unrestricted flow you can physically get 12 litres a minute from the pipe then a pump that pumps up to 12 litres a minute is fine. If you cannot and there is not 12 litres a minute to boost then think again and settle for up to 6 litres a minute?.

What to do if there is simply not 12 litres a minute and you want 12 litres a minute?

Away from a combination boiler on the hot feed you can protect and boost showers or taps in your home up to the maximum capacity of your combi boiler. When others open taps in your home, provided you do not exceed the output of your boiler, the shower which is fed from a pipe with a Shower Power Booster fitted will be protected and will continue to flow strong and good.

Features of SPB
Boosts mains water pressure and flow
Simple to install
Compact size
Water fitting regulations compliant

Salamander Home Booster Specification
Cost £299 to £538
Max Head 1.6 Bars
Maximum Boosted Flow 12 l/m
Typical Boosted Flow 12 l/m at 1.2 bars
Noise 46 Db at 1 metre
Power Usage 230 Volts at 1.8 Amps (414 Watts)
Dimensions 175 x 110 x 195 mm
Weight 3.114 Kg
Warranty 2 years
Vertical Orientation Only

Shower Power Booster Specification
Cost £85 to £170
Max Head SP1/SP2 = 0.55 Bars
Max Head SP21S = 1.1 bars
Maximum Boosted Flow 9.5 litres/minute (*) Typical maximum boosted flow 6 to 8 litres/minute
Optimal Boosted flow 5 to 7 litres/minute
Noise <50 Db at 0.1 metres Power Usage 15 to 30 Watts Dimensions  150mm x 42mm x 125mm Weight 0.18 KG Warranty 3 years Orientation – Fit at any angle (*) Shower Power Booster is designed to be optimal for showers and taps using 6 litres a minute and is perfect for the USA where the maximum legal flow rate for showers is limited to 9.5 litres per minute.

Alan Wright
BSc(Hons) CEng. MICE
Inventor Of Shower Power Booster