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Shower Power Booster

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Shower Power Booster SP2B

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The Shower Power Booster SP2B is the fully automatic in-line automatic shower power booster manufactured in the UK by Flowflex at their factory in Buxton Derbyshire. You can buy direct from the manufacturer and inventor through

Simple To Fit
The pump improves existing water flow to taps and showers without modification of your existing pipework or the need for a cylinder shower pump flange.

Shower Power Booster SP2B

Shower Power Booster SP2B

Versatile and No Electrician Required
The pump works at any angle or orientation and is supplied with 22 mm compression connections, 22 x 15 mm reducing sets and 100 to 240 V 50/60 Hz. 12 V DC, 3 A transformer. Full installation instructions are sent with the pump

A unique pump installed in thousands of homes
The SP2B is a unique UK patented invention which achieves excellent shower and water pressures with just 12 watts of power. WRAS Approved. It has a 5 star Trustpilot rating and is used by 15,000+ customers worldwide.

What you get when you buy a SP2B

The Shower Power Booster Range
The Shower Power Booster is sold in kits of one or two pumps so that you can single or double boost or achieve the equivalence of a twin impeller pump.

The SP2B is used as a single boost for gravity and electric showers, taps, and combination boilers. The ideal pressure boost for your home is often just a single SP2B but the perfect shower can be achieved by combining SP2B with other Shower Power Booster units.

SP1 – Single Boost Manual Shower Power Booster (best for negative head situations)

SP2B – Single Boost Fully Automatic Shower Power Booster (our most popular choice)

SP21S – SP2B + SP1 for Fully Automatic Double Boost (best for gravity hot and mains pressure cold)

SP22S – SP2B + SP2B for single boost on hot and cold (best for gravity systems and protecting Combi Boiler fed taps and showers)

SP22S + SP1U – Double boost hot and single boost cold (best for challenging shower mixers with high pressure requirements)

The Shower Power Booster Upgrades
SP2U – Fully automatic pump but with no transformer

SP1U – Manual/Slave SPB but with no transformer.

If you buy a SP2B or a SP1 you can always upgrade with a SP1U or a SP2U
SP2B + SP1 = SP21S
SP2B + SP2U = SP22S
SP1 + SP1U – Manually operated single boost on hot and cold or double boost if placed in series.