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Shower Power Booster

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A 3 metre low voltage extension lead allows the customer to install a pump under a bath whilst leaving the transformer outside the bathroom or in any other situation when the 3 pin socket is not within 2 metres of the plug.

Add a 3 metre extension lead?

15mm and 22mm Slip Joints are ideal when you are looking to fit a pump when there is very little play in the section of 15mm or 22mm pipe you you need to fit the SPB into. It allows you to cut the original pipe and when you refit the pipe section with the SPB the slip joint literally slips over the outside of the pipe and slips back into place after fitting.

15mm Slip Coupling
22mm Slip Coupling

3.0 Amp Transformers provide ample power for SP2B, SP21S, and SP22S ShowerPowerBooster pump set.
1.5 Amp Transformers provide ample power for a single SP2B, Radiator Flow Boosters, and Tank Stratification Devices.

ShowerPowerBooster Motor (only)
The ShowerPowerBooster Motor is attached to the volute by four Phillips Screws and a hard to see translucent washer. To avoid confusion and the risk of fitting two washers we supply the motor only without a spare and screws (use the original screws and washer)

Radiator Booster Pump (only)
Buying a radiator flow booster pump gives you a complete motor with its reinforced pump volute. To fit a replacement V1 radiator flow booster motor you will need to replace just the motor in common with a SPB.

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