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ShowerPowerBoosters are the only retrofit pumps specifically designed to legally and effectively improve a poor performing electric shower. A single shower power booster SP2B should stop a an electric shower up to 9.8 KW shutting down because the mains pressure is too low or the pressure fluctuates when someone in your house (or your neighbour), turns a tap on. A ShowerPowerBooster can legally boost the cold feed to an electric shower in full compliance with water bylaws and you need no permission to fit one – this is the only pump specifically marketed as a legal retrofit solution to boost electric showers.

A shower power booster will always sort out a pressure problem with an electric shower but an electric shower can never deliver hot water at a rate faster than an electric shower can heat it.

Fitting a shower power booster is simplicity itself, remove 110mm of pipe, insert the pump, tighten the compression joints, plug it in, enjoy. You can fit a shower power booster at any angle and at any position so you can fit it away from the electric shower out of sight. We have solutions for all electric showers. Please read on to read about the science behind SPB and its effectiveness.

Connecting a Shower Power Booster To The Mains

Connecting a shower power booster to a mains supply is very easy and it will fit on existing pipe work. The pump is compact and needs no support, you can even fit one inside a wall cavity or under a floorboard. It can be close to or far away from the electric shower as long as its on the pipe that feeds the shower.

If you have a combi boiler and an electric shower you can boost both by putting the SPB on the incoming mains feed which serves both.



Will a Shower Power Booster Work or Do I Need a New Electric Shower
The maximum output of an electric shower is determined by its KW power rating and in winter because the cold water is colder then the output is less:-

 7.5 KW Electric Shower 3.5 litres a minute

9.8 KW Electric Shower 4.7 litres a minute

12.5 KW Electric Shower 6.0 litres a minute

 If by turning the shower to cold you get more water to flow then its probably because the electric shower itself is turning down the water pressure. Simply adding pressure will cause the electric shower to reduce the pressure further to what you had before you fitted the pump.

If you do not get an increase in flow turning the shower from hot to cold, or especially if the shower is cutting out due to low pressure, then the Shower Power Booster can be a perfect solution. 15 minutes – job done – much better shower – and you have joined hundreds of other happy customers.

 To understand why your electric shower is turning off or disappointing you, there are 2 design features applied to an electric shower which are important:-


If the pressure drops below 1 bar (1 bar = 10 metres head), a switch turns the shower heater off. This is very easily solved with a shower power booster on the cold feed to the shower. A single Shower Power Booster on the mains feed will add up to 5 metres head to any electric shower and this can stop the shower cutting out as your mains pressure falls and will also give you a better showering experience every time you use the shower.


If for instance you only have 0.8 bars pressure and your electric shower stops working, the shower power booster adds 0.4 bars so your shower has 20% more pressure than it needs to work – it works!If a single shower power booster does not solve your problem then a second shower power boosters in series will double the pressure and will sort it!!!!


The invention allows us to set a maximum flow so we comply with the legal requirement not to exceed 12 litres a minute for a pump fitted to a mains supply. If a single pump does not work because your pressure is very low just add a second shower power booster to double the added pressure.


If you turn an electric shower from hot to cold and the pressure and flow increases there is every chance that the electric shower itself is limiting the flow and pressure.For such showers it is the not water pressure which is limiting the flow but the size of the electric shower. A shower power booster will increase the pressure for such showers but the electric shower itself stops the increased pressure reaching the shower head.


The only way you can improve the flow might be to buy an electric shower with a greater KW rating. If you shower is reaching the end of its working life or you might want to opt for a refreshing boosted gravity shower.  If you have a gas or oil boiler, a boosted gravity shower will give an excellent shower and a family of 4 could save £125 a year in energy costs.


Electric showers are designed to run from the mains because extra pressure is required to drive fine spray through small water jets rather than the larger jets of traditional gravity showers. This is because an electric shower flow is limited to the amount of water it can heat (as said earlier), so in order to give the impression of a good shower, with a small amount of water, it needs greater pressures, and a finer spray hose. A typical electric shower will give you 3.5 litres a minute which is adequate for some provided there is enough pressure.


Electricity is a very expensive way to heat water so boosting your gravity shower with a shower power booster to boost your pressure can save lots of money if you have a gas boiler. For a family of 4 having 5 minute showers, switching from electric showers to gravity boosted showers then the change can pay for itself in under a year. Every home is different and some teenagers are in the shower for more than 5 minutes!!!


For those who like to see the calculations then they are as follows (cost per year for a family of 4):-


Water used for a 6 litre a minute shower for 5 minutes = 30 litres.
Cost of water is 30 litres at 0.1p a litre = 3p.
4 person household at 1 shower a day 365 days a year = 4x365x3p = £43.80.
For each shower:- Cost of electricity 12.2p per KW/HR so 12.5KW x 12.2p x (5/60) = 12.7p
4 person household at 1 shower a day 360 days a year = 4x360x12.7p = £185.54
TOTAL £229.34
Water used for a 6 litre a minute shower for 5 minutes = 30 litres.
Cost of water is 30 litres at 0.1p a litre = 3p.
4 person household at 1 shower a day 365 days a year = 4x360x3p = £43.80.
For each shower:- Cost of gas 3.89p per KW/HR so 12.5KW x 3.89 x (5/60) = 4.1p
4 person household at 1 shower a day 360 days a year = 4x365x4.1p = £59.86
TOTAL £103.66


SAVING £125.68 per year

 All of our pumps are WRAS approved and fully compliant with all Regulations.

It is legal to fit a ShowerPowerBooster on the cold mains feed to an electric shower – Click here to see an extract from the Regulations


Click on the link below to see the latest ShowerPowerBooster Information Manual.

ShowerPowerBooster Information Manual