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Shower Power Booster

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The WRightChoice brand ethos is to give you the best solution, even if that solution is simply to change the shower head and hose rather than fit a pump. We sell the best shower heads and hoses to achieve this. We only sell products that we would want to buy if we had the same objective as a customer – maximum performance at minimum cost.

We tested and evaluated shower heads and hoses in the research laboratories of Cranfield University, and were amazed at the difference a change of shower head or hose could make to the shower flow. The best shower heads, hoses and mixers for low-pressure situations are very good and the worst very bad. We guarantee to only sell products which we know work well with all and every low pressure or mains system (including electric showers)


• Shower Heads that maximise your showering performance whatever flow and pressure you have.

• High Flow Shower Hoses (many new shower mixers come with shower hoses with less than 10mm internal diameter).

I have set up a website with information including videos dedicated to Shower Heads and Shower Hoses.

Visit The Shower Heads, Shower Hoses, and Shower Mixer Comparison Site.

Shower hoses 
come in different internal diameters being 6mm, 8mm, 10mm & 12mm.

For a typical shower delivering 6 litres a minute, the head loss in a shower hose is proportionate to the square of the diameter and its length.

6 mm – Very high pressure and flow loss – throw in bin.
8 mm – High pressure and flow loss – throw in bin.
10 mm – Low pressure and flow loss – The WRightChoice.
12 mm – No appreciable advantage over 10mm hose and risk that hose is too big to fit a standard holder.

Whatever the pressure you have and whether it is an electric shower, a combination boiler fed shower, or a gravity fed shower. A WRightChoice Shower Head and Hose will maximise performance.

If you want to transform a shower which suffers from low pressure you must increase the pressure. A Shower Power Booster will typically quadruple the pressure and double the flow of a poor upstairs shower. These amazing pumps can be fitted in minutes by a DIY customer of moderate ability without the need for an electrician and at a third of the cost of a traditional shower pump yet gives the same performance.