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Electric Showers

Electric Showers

NO Electrician Needed


2 YEAR Manufacturer's Warranty

NO electrician needed | As seen on BBC DRAGON’S DEN | 2 YEAR manufacturer’s warranty

Get the Perfect Performance from Your Electric Shower

The Shower Power Booster is the simple and effective way to boost pressure from an existing electric shower.



electric showers – even if taps & toilets are used



a consistent shower – even when temperatures fall



electric showers running cold if water pressure drops



to fit wherever is convenient



for bathrooms as uses 12V DC power

How Does It Work?

Boost Your Electric Shower to the Ideal Level

The Shower Power Booster can be easily fitted before an existing electric shower to boost performance for a better shower.

If you currently have a gravity-fed shower, the Shower Power Booster is a cost-effective alternative to fitting and running an electric shower.

When taps or toilets are used, water pressure to an electric shower may fall. This can cause the shower to become very hot or automatically switch off. Adding a Shower Power Booster before the shower will maintain pressure and stop this happening.

Electric showers contain a heating element which heats the incoming cold water. Performance can drop in winter as the shower works harder to heat the cooler water supply. Adding a Shower Power Booster before the electric shower will protect performance.

For very low mains water pressure, two Shower Power Boosters can be added inline before the electric shower.

Getting the Right Performance

Electric showers have a KW (Kilowatt) energy rating which dictates the amount of water they can effectively heat to their maximum temperature. Higher flow rates may result in a cool shower.

Where possible, we recommend measuring the existing flow rate of your electric shower. When boosted, maximum flow rates are typically:


  • 7.5 KW 3.5 litres a minute
  • 9.8 KW 4.7 litres a minute
  • 12.5 KW 6.0 litres a minute

Ask Alan


Where can I fit the pump to boost my shower?

Simply cut the water pipe wherever is convenient and insert the pump. With safe 12V DC extension cables you can plug it into a socket up to 15m away.


My electric shower stops working when someone flushes the downstairs toilet. Will the Shower Power Booster help?

Yes. All electric showers have a low-pressure cut off. The Shower Power Booster will protect the water supply to your electric shower whatever happens.

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