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Gravity-Fed Systems

Gravity-Fed Systems

UNIQUE Patented Design

DIY FIT in 3-Steps

WRAS Approved

UNIQUE patented design | DIY FIT in 3-steps | WRAS approved

Boost Showers or Taps from a Gravity-Fed Hot Water System

The Shower Power Booster is one of the quickest, quietest and most effective ways to boost shower pressure or tap flow from a gravity fed hot and cold-water system.



the whole house or a single shower or tap



in 3 easy steps



wherever is most convenient



plug power supply into a conventional socket



just 12 watts of energy

How Does It Work?

Boost the Whole House

Simply install the Shower Power Booster to the 22mm pipe after the hot water cylinder and vent pipe, to boost the flow rate for every tap, shower and application in the home.

Boost an Individual Shower or Tap

Suffering from low pressure from a specific shower or tap?

Boost and protect the flow by installing the Shower Power Booster before the particular shower or tap.

The Shower Power Booster does not ‘cavitate’ and will continue to deliver consistent flow even if other taps or outlets in the home are used at the same time.

Boost Hot & Cold for a Balanced Flow

A single Shower Power Booster on the hot water supply is enough to solve most situations. Most showers or mixer taps can cope effectively with hot and cold pressure differentials of up to 4 to 1.

However, if both your hot and cold supplies are low – or your mixer or shower cannot balance the pressure – you can use a second Shower Power Booster to boost the cold feed.


Fit a second Shower Power Booster after the cold-water header tank to boost every tap or shower.


Fit a second Shower Power Booster before the outlet to boost and protect its flow even when other taps, showers or appliances are in use.

Flexible Installation

The Shower Power Booster can be installed anywhere within the house – including shower rooms and in loft space. 

As the Shower Power Booster will not ‘cavitate’ or pull air into the system from the vent pipe, it can be installed wherever it’s easiest and most convenient.

Two pumps can be simply and easily linked using low voltage extension cables and a single power supply.

Ask Alan


Can a single pump boost my whole hot water system?

Yes, a single pump on the output from your hot water cylinder is enough to produce the perfect shower and tap performance in most homes.


My home has 22mm pipework. Will it fit?

Yes, every Shower Power Booster comes complete with fittings for both 15mm and 22mm pipe.


Does the Shower Power Booster need to be secured to a wall or joist?

The pump is so compact it doesn’t require any support or bracing.

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