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The cost of bathing will depend on the temperature that you want to bath or shower at, and the quantity of water used. It may seem obvious that I have discounted cold baths and showers and opted for my preferred temperature of 42 degrees centigrade for showers and baths. I have used information from Ofgem and Oftwat as of 1st April 2022. Many sites do not provide the calculations which are detailed below. I have done this so you can change things like the number of people in your home and you can see what the costs are for your own home (simply by using the same calculator as me). The calculator is independent and fully verified so you can trust its source.

Most homes will have enough water and water pressure not to need a ShowerPowerBoost. If you do have a pressure problem a retrofit ShowerPowerBooster solution will always solve that  problem whatever system you have. You can change from a bath to a traditional shower or an electric shower to a traditional shower with confidence. You will get is a good shower by UK standard with enough water to efficiently wash suds away plus enough pressure to give a great showering experience.

Please use this link read about the science of showering.

The science behind what is a good shower

Link to OFTWAT site to see latest electricity and gas prices

Cost of Energy to heat 1 litre of water
Electricity 28p kWh (1.12p per litre)
Gas 7p kWh (0.28p per litre)
Water 0.3p per litre
The energy needed to heat 1 litre of water is .04 kWh (see link)

Cost of BATHS (incl cost of water)
Cost of a 80 litre bath using electricity to heat water £1.24
Cost of a 80 litre bath using gas to heat water is 55p

Cost of SHOWERS (incl cost of water)
Electric Shower 54p
Power Showers 41p
Traditional Showers (with or without a SPB) 30p

You can save money by having shorter showers and risk it not washing away all suds.
You can save money by using less than 30 litres of water and risk it not washing away all suds.
In India, its not funny but true, that I was told that pouring a bucket of cold water or not washing at was cheaper.

See calculations and assumptions below


The cost of running a SP2B for the duration of a shower is 0.04p (15 Watts /1000 x 5 minutes /60). The ShowerPowerBooster is recommended for gravity systems and mains pressure/gravity mixed systems, combi boiler systems, fully pressurised systems, Fortic Tank systems, and systems with other close coupled tanks (in short there is no system it will not boost). The ShowerPowerBooster is made in the UK and sold through since 2014. It is the only pump which has a full 5 Stars on Trustpilot with over 1,000 individual 5 star reviews. It is an energy saving device with a full UK patent, manufactured exclusively through Flowflex.

I have used the ‘Omni Calculator ‘ to calculate the energy required to heat water (1 litre = 1Kg)
Simply use this link to do your own calculations. In the winter the starting temperatures will be low and higher in the summer.

Water heated from 5 deg C to 42 deg C (rise of 37 deg C)
Gas Boiler efficiency 80%.   Electric showers 100% efficient
Cost of water 0.3p per litre.
Electricity cost (source OFTGEN) 29p per KW/H.  Gas 7p per KW
Minimum volume of shower water to effectively wash away suds is 30 litres
5 minute showers at 6 litres a minute = 30 litres
Minimum volume of bath (OFTWAT) 80 litres
80% efficiency of gas boiler gives an adjusted price of gas per KW to be 9p
Unrestricted Power Shower 12 litres a minute for 5 minutes (60 litres)

Cost of water
80 litres x .3p = 24p
60 litres x .3p = 18p
30 litres x .3p = 9p

Cost of energy (37 deg temperature rise)
Using electricity to heat water:-
80 litre bath = 3.45KW x 29p = 100p (+  24p water) (Total £1.24)
60 litre power shower = 2.58KW x 29p = 75p (+18p water) (Total 93p)
30 litre shower = 1.29 x 29 = 36p (+18p water) (Total 54p)

Cost of energy (37 deg temperature rise)
Using gas to heat water:-
80 litre bath = 3.45KW x 9p = 31p (+  24p water) (Total 55p)
60 litre power shower = 2.58KW x 9p = 23p (+18p water) (Total 41p)
30 litre shower = 1.29 x 9 = 12p (+18p water) (Total 30p)

Note 1 – Many electric showers deliver less than 6 litres a minute but this is a false economy as at lower flow rates there is insufficent to wash suds away efficiently and a consumer will notice the shower to be poor and unsatisfactory.

Note 2 – A traditional power shower can be limited to 6 litres a minute by fitting an efficient shower head. I recommend this shower head  shower head

In 2013 I attended a Science Fair in Norwich with two stands. The ‘green’ stand emphasised the ShowerPowerBooster as an energy and water saving innovation, while the ‘blue’ stand emphasised that the ShowerPowerBooster provided enough water and pressure for a great shower. This blog was originally written in June 2013 to back up the energy and water saving claims of the ‘green’ stand. I decided to refresh and update this blog in August 2021 and again in April 2022.

In 2013, for every visit to the green stand there were 10 visits to the blue stand, demonstrating that people were more interested in having a good shower than saving the planet. With ShowerPowerBooster you can be environmentally attuned without losing out on a great shower.The fact that a ShowerPowerBooster uses 1/20th the power of a traditional shower pump is a major factor and the unique patented features are essential.  It is in thousands of homes.

Many people enjoy a long relaxing soak in a bath, but why not add a refreshing shower to your bath as well with a combined mixer tap and shower? For many people the reason may be that the shower attached to the mixer taps can often fail to deliver a drenching refreshing shower but just a dribbly disappointment.

The ShowerPowerBooster provide a shower easily and effectively, and with a good SPB shower you will save money. You will also save money if you change your electric shower to a SPB Shower. I have a further blog  which will direct you to the selection of a pump. You can see this blog using  this link

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