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A single Shower Power Booster (SP1 or SP2B), is all you need to improve a poor shower or stop that shower fluctuating when a tap is turned on elsewhere in the home.

The ShowerPowerBooster is the only pump on the market that can boost the pressure on the hot side of a combi boiler, but you must not boost more than the maximum number of showers determined by your boiler.
The ShowerPowerBooster cannot create hot water, but it can take enough hot water to create the perfect shower.
A good shower needs enough water to wash away the suds and enough pressure to give a nice forceful spray pattern. We aim to give 6 litres a minute and a minimum of 3 metres head to achieve this.
The maximum flow from a Combi Boiler is determined by its KW rating and in winter, because water is colder, the output is less:-

24 KW Combi Boiler gives 11.5 litres a minute (2 showers)
30 KW Combi Boiler gives 14.5 litres a minute (2.4 showers)
42 KW Combi Boiler gives 20.0 litres a minute (3 showers)

You can protect and boost showers or taps in your home up to the maximum capacity of your combi boiler. When others open taps in your home, provided you do not exceed the output of your boiler, the shower you protect will continue to flow strong and good.