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ShowerPowerBoosters are quiet and they do not suffer the problems of big pumps. Big pumps can be noisy but being noisy can also be because the pump is installed wrongly and the noise is cavitation.

Cavitation is the formation of bubbles or cavities in liquid, developed in areas of relatively low pressure around an impeller. The imploding or collapsing of these bubbles trigger intense shockwaves inside the pump, causing significant damage to the impeller and/or the pump housing.

Traditional shower pumps can create a suction of 1.5 metres of head (0.15 bars), they need to draw water directly from a hot water cylinder through a pipe to the pump only. You need an Essex or Surrey Flange drilled into the cylinder. Fit them on the pipe connected to the vent pipe and they will suck in air, fit them too far away from the cylinder and the head loss in the pipework results in cavitation.

I visited a home in Buckinghamshire on the 5th June 2016 and found a classical example of cavitation where a pump was installed in a convenient place in a bathroom – the pump was very noisy, suffering from cavitation and was pulling air in. It was on its last legs, and was the 3rd pump installed in recent times.

A ShowerPowerBooster is not a traditional pump and is designed to never cavitate. You can fit a SPB anywhere.

For this installation I recommended:-

1.0 Throw the traditional pump in the bin and put the pipework back the way it was.
2.0 Install a SP22S to boost hot and cold to the problem shower in the bathroom only. This will increase the flow to the shower from 2 litres a minute to 6 or even 8 litres a minute with the right shower head, and a high flow hose.
3.0 The shower hose from the shower mixer to the shower head (and the bath mixer shower), is only 8mm internal diameter. This has no effect as long as you pass just 2 litres a minute as at present, but as soon as you try to put 6 litres a minute or more the head loss will be such that the flow will be limited to as little as 5 litres a minute.A high flow shower hose is great value for money in getting extra flow and pressure.
4.0 The existing shower head is only suitable for high pressure systems. To maximise the flow and pressure a Wright Choice shower head is recommended.

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