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How the SPB Flow Switch Works - Shower Power Booster

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The flow switch for a ShowerPowerBooster will work with around 100mm of head and relies on a magnetised water wheel which turns when you turn on a tap. Traditional power shower pumps need 1 metre head.

The pump activation is not due to pressure differential but at 1.5 litres a minute the water paddle revolves and a hall detector measures the number of times the paddle rotates.

We have sold pumps purely to activate at a low flow to increase the flow to make a bigger pump come on so we know what we sell is good but sometimes the flow is below 1.5 litres a minute before the pump flows so there is need to think of a work around:-

Change the shower head – the greatest resistance to flow is often the shower head. We sell an excellent shower head so changing to our shower head will often give you enough flow to kick start the pump.

Change the shower hose – if you have a shower hose with an internal bore of 8mm of less then the only fit place for it is in a bin. We sell low cost shower hoses with 10mm internal bore.

Drop the shower head to start it flowing at or above 1.5 litres a minute, then return it to height when the pump starts.

Bypass the flow switch and turn the pump on and off manually at a 3-pin socket, or simply make it come on and off by wiring it into the light switch.

Use a remote control to turn it on and off.

Put a second pump on mains cold if the shower receives gravity hot and mains cold. The pump on the cold will automatically turn on the hot through the power bridge.