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3 Easy Steps
3 Easy Steps

UNIQUE Patented Design

2 YEAR Manufacturer's Warranty

Used in Over 20,000 UK HOMES

UNIQUE patented design | 2 YEAR manufacturer’s warranty | Used in over 20,000 UK HOMES

Install the Shower Power Booster in 3 Easy Steps


The versatile Shower Power Booster pump can be fitted in most locations to boost showers, taps, combi boilers, radiators and entire systems.

The Shower Power Booster pump is supplied with everything needed to install it to either 22mm or 15mm pipework – in just three simple steps.

Choose a Location

The Shower Power Booster pump can be fitted to a water feed pipe in any location where there’s suitable access.

Due to the compact nature of the pump, it can be fitted unsupported to existing pipework at any angle or orientation.

The pump’s 12V DC power supply can be plugged into any convenient socket up to 15m from the pump (using low voltage extension cables).

Insert the Pump

Simply cut and remove 110mm of pipe. Insert the Shower Power Booster pump and tighten the compression joints.

The pump fits 22mm and 3/4 inch copper and plastic pipework, and includes reducers to fit 15mm and 1/2 inch pipework (click this link to find out more).

Plug in the Power Supply

The pump’s power supply can be plugged into any convenient socket (up to 15m away) without requiring an electrician.

As the Shower Power Booster pump draws only 15 watts of power, it can also be connected to a standard lighting circuit.

As it uses low voltage DC, the Shower Power Booster pump which is 100% waterproof can also be positioned in bathrooms where 240V is prohibited.

Installation Notes & Tips


Before fitting the pump, ensure that the pipework to be cut is isolated and free from water. 

The Shower Power Booster pump must be installed after the vent pipe, otherwise it could pump hot water into the cold-water tank.

Carefully determine the direction of flow and which pipe supplies the outlet you wish to boost. The pipe you need to boost will get hot when you run the hot tap or shower you want to boost. An easy way to check you are fitting the pump on the right pipe.

The Shower Power Booster pump can be installed in lofts but should be protected from frost.

When installing, do not hold the pump by the white motor. The best way to avoid holding the motor is to use two adjustables.

For 15mm pipe a reducing set (22mm to 15mm), is included with each pump. Inserts must be used when installing on to plastic PEX pipe. 

The Shower Power Booster does not pull in air so does not need a Surrey or Essex flange.

PTFE tape or Plumbers Mate should be used sparingly on the olives but should NOT be applied to the screw threads. If you are unsure please “refer to my blog”

Once connected to the power supply, the LED light on an SP2B will indicate the status of the pump:

  • Constant light indicates the pump has power
  • Fast flashing light indicates the pump has detected water flow and is running
  • Slow flashing light indicates there is a fault

If two pumps are connected, the first’s LED will shine solid blue while the second may flash. This is correct and simply indicates the flow to the second is lower. 

The Shower Power Booster pump can boost…



















The Shower Power Booster pump can boost…







Gravity Fed


Solar Thermal

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