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Shower Power Booster

Easy | Efficient | Effective
Shower Power Booster
Easy | Efficient | Effective

ICL Best Water Innovation


Used in Over 15,000 UK HOMES

ICL best water innovation | As seen on BBC DRAGONS DEN | Used in over 15,000 UK HOMES


Updates, tips and advice for the Shower Power Booster

Shower Power Booster Operated as an Off Grid Water Booster Pump

The entire range of ShowerPowerBoosters are run by 12 volt DC motors.If you already have a 12 volt supply you do not need to buy the power packs. You can save money when you buy the pumps we sell without power packs.The pumps without power packs are the SP1U and the...

Boosting an Unvented System ( Megaflow )

Boosting an Unvented System (Megaflow) A single Shower Power Booster SP2B will provide a single boost which is all most homes will need to solve a pressure problem in a home. Typical homes will have a shower mixer which mixes 2/3 of hot water with 1/3 cold water to...

Our Commitment To Sustainability

The key pillar underpinning our ethos of sustainability is the rejection of the throw away ethos so common in society:- Rejection of throw away and buy new. Ever since our first pumps were produced in 2012 we have retained an ethos of repair as an option side by side...


Many of the Shower Power Booster blogs are produced in response to questions from customers on a wide range of topics. If you click on the links below you can see all articles related to the topic you are interested in:- Gravity-Fed Systems Combination Boilers Mains...

A Shower Power Booster Gives The Same Shower as Bigger Pumps

A ShowerPowerBooster with a small input of energy into a water system can create huge effect. For traditional pumps the reverse is true as the more energy you put into pumping water the harder water fights back, and for traditional pumps a lot of energy is simply...

How to switch Radiator Boosters on and off

We have had several enquiries on how best to turn our radiator boosters on and off. A radiator booster will give a positive flow of hot water to one, two, three, and even four radiators provided they are all in sequence on the same loop. It cannot boost just one...

Boost Showers With Hot Water Recirculation

Hot water recirculation is found in some larger homes and is driven by a low flow low head single impeller pump. In such circumstances it is difficult to boost the flow and pressure because if you simply install a more powerful recirculation pump you simply speed up...

Boost and Protect the Pressure and Flow to Any Tap or Shower

The Shower Power Booster is an inline retrofit pump often fitted by customers as a straight forward DIY job. If there is just one shower, tap, or application, which is letting you down with poor flow and low pressure, or the pressure fluctuates when another tap is...