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Shower Power Booster

Easy | Efficient | Effective

Shower Power Booster

Easy | Efficient | Effective

ICL Best Water Innovation


Used in Over 15,000 UK HOMES

ICL best water innovation | As seen on BBC DRAGONS DEN | Used in over 15,000 UK HOMES


Updates, tips and advice for the Shower Power Booster

How Do I Boost Water Pressure in My House

Many properties suffer poor water pressure throughout the home resulting in poor performance of showers and taps. Fitting a single ShowerPowerBooster pump near your hot water cylinder will give every tap better pressure and flow and typically it will add four times...

Boosting Showers and Taps in Hotels

The Shower Power Booster is perfect for solving difficult plumbing problems in old hotels with wandering water pipes to multiple rooms. These small compact pumps are designed to fit inside partition walls, under floorboards, baths, and under shower units. Invented in...

Ideal Standard Trevi Boost System

Photo Of Trevi Boost Curtesy of Derek Montgomery. Derek Fitted a SP2B in June 2019If you are having problems with your Trevi Boost System there are options. Rather than spend money on a new Venturi then risk that you still need a pump, you can for half the cost of a...


We have many reviews which praise how quiet the pumps are and then we get customers who find that in their particular situation the noise is a problem. We are happy to talk you through solutions but here are a few things to consider. There are a number of things you...

Connecting ShowerPowerBooster To Pipes

I have today received an email from a Mark Hayton who has bought a SP22S for his property in Sicily. For anyone who finds this page through searching for a 22mm Male to 3/4 inch Female Adaptor then this can be bought in the UK so look no further. Made exclusively by...

Pressure Problems In Electric Showers

Pressure problems in electric showers are common and will always be solved with a retrofit Shower Power Booster. A ShowerPowerBooster fitted on the 15mm feed to an electric shower is designed to stop an electric shower running cold when the pressure drops. Is your...

Retrofit Electric Shower Booster

A single shower power booster SP2B will stop an electric shower shutting down because the mains pressure is too low or the pressure fluctuates when someone in your house or your neighbour turns a tap on. A ShowerPowerBooster can legally boost the cold feed to an...

The WRight Choice of shower heads and shower hoses

The WRightChoice brand ethos is to give you the best solution, even if that solution is simply to change the shower head and hose rather than fit a pump. We sell the best shower heads and hoses to achieve this. We only sell products that we would want to buy if we had...