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Shower Power Booster

Easy | Efficient | Effective
Shower Power Booster
Easy | Efficient | Effective

ICL Best Water Innovation


Used in Over 15,000 UK HOMES

ICL best water innovation | As seen on BBC DRAGONS DEN | Used in over 15,000 UK HOMES


Updates, tips and advice for the Shower Power Booster


We have many reviews which praise how quiet the pumps are and then we get customers who find that in their particular situation the noise is a problem. We are happy to talk you through solutions but here are a few things to consider. There are a number of things you...

Connecting ShowerPowerBooster To Pipes

I have today received an email from a Mark Hayton who has bought a SP22S for his property in Sicily. For anyone who finds this page through searching for a 22mm Male to 3/4 inch Female Adaptor then this can be bought in the UK so look no further....

Pressure Problems In Electric Showers

A single ShowerPowerBooster fitted on the 15mm feed to an electric shower can stop an electric shower running cold when the pressure drops. Is your Electric Shower Faulty? An electric shower is designed to cut the power if the pressure falls below 1.0 bar. This is to...

Shower Power Booster – Fitting Without Leaks

A Shower Power Booster should not leak if installed correctly. Like most amateur DIY fitters and many plumbers I myself use PTFE tape or Jointing Compond which aids to a good seal.There should be no need to use PTFE tape or Jointing Compond For some jointing systems...

Pumps Will Not Turn Off

I received this request for assistance from Simon on the 8th September 2018. There is a trouble shooting guide on the web site which will deals with this and all issues. Link To Fault Finding Guide Rather than just refer Simon to the 'Fault Finding Guide' I am happy...

Mains Water Booster Pumps

Water companies can reduce leakage by reducing pressure in a 'zone' but they also have an obligation to supply water to you home at a minimum pressure of 1 bar (10 metres head).For many homes which may have experienced high pressures between 2 and 3 bars it may come...

The WRightChoice Water Pressure Testing Kit

Perhaps you already have a good pressure, but your electric shower or combination boiler may simply be faulty, you may have a blockage in a shower mixer, there could be an air lock, or your service pipe to your home may be inadequate. The WRightChoice Pressure Testing...

Boosting pressure and flow from a Combination Boiler

A Shower Power Booster is the only pump you can fit on the hot side of a combination boiler. Our patented design protects both the pump and the combination boiler from harm. If a shower or tap is a long way from a combination boiler - boost it with a SPB pump If the...

Fitting a New Combination Boiler – Read This First

A common belief is that replacing a gravity system with a combination boiler will improve your showers in a home but for some customers its far from the truth. I would strongly recommend that you do a flow test before allowing the plumber to rip out your old system as...

Boosting flow from an Aga or Wood burner

Heating with an aga, wood burner, or solar thermal, carries a high risk of water temperatures of 85 degrees and above. A traditional shower pump will boost hot water up to 60 degrees centigrade. Traditional power shower pumps cannot boost water heated by an aga, wood...