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Shower Power Booster

Easy | Efficient | Effective

Shower Power Booster

Easy | Efficient | Effective

ICL Best Water Innovation


Used in Over 15,000 UK HOMES

ICL best water innovation | As seen on BBC DRAGONS DEN | Used in over 15,000 UK HOMES


Updates, tips and advice for the Shower Power Booster

Can a Shower Head Increase Water Pressure?

The simple answer to can a shower head increase water pressure water pressure is No There are some shower heads sold which can make best use what pressure you do have and others that do not. Demonstrating something on Youtube is better than words so here are four...

A Shower Power Booster Gives The Same Shower as Bigger Pumps

At ShowerPowerBooster we know that a small input of energy into a water system can create huge effect. For traditional pumps the reverse is true as the more energy you put into pumping water the harder water fights back, and for traditional pumps a lot of energy is...

Shower Power Booster Starved of Water

I am writing this blog as a way of allowing others to identify and solve the problem of a ShowerPowerBooster being starved of water. If this is what your installed SPB sounds like this is the blog you must read. As long as there is water...

Increasing the flow from a kitchen tap.

Many new kitchen taps need mains pressure on the hot to balance mains pressure on the cold. A SP21S is a kit which costs £155 and includes two pumps, can be fitted underneath the sink or as far away as next to the hot water cylinder to give you in excess of 1 bar...

Negative Head Pump

Our pumps can automatically turn on and off  in negative head situations. If you are in doubt as to your situation being positive or negative head then send us a sketch of what you are trying to do (a typical sketch is shown at the end of this blog). If your shower or...

Trevi Boost – What our customers say

A Trevi Boost is a cleaver way of boosting a gravity hot, taking pressure from a mains feed cold, and giving this to the hot. Its a bit hit and miss as if your hot pressure is too low to start with or the mains pressure fluctuates, or the temperatures vary then your...

Check Valves (Non Return Valves)

There are many check valves in home. Cold feed into your home It is a legal requirement that you have a double check valve on the mains pipe coming into your home. This check valve is to prevent back flow of water if there is a burst water main and there is a legal...

Questions and Answers

A ShowerPowerBooster will work in 98% of systems provided your problem is pressure but as a customer you may have been told that you cannot boost a combi boiler on the hot side, your incoming mains pressure, or Megaflows. There are also applications in gravity mains...

Boosting Low Mains Water Pressure

The ShowerPowerBooster can legally Boost low water mains pressure in the UK and Scotland and it is the perfect solution for boosting a shower or tap in a property when the pressure outside the home fluctuates.