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No Electrician Required For ShowerPowerBooster

We supply a 12 volt transformer with all of our ShowerPowerBooster Kits (but not upgrades).

Our 12 volt power supply works anywhere in the world. It plugs into a standard UK 3 pin plug socket and then a safe 12 volt supply cable can be taken to the pumps. This means that our 100% waterproof pumps with a safe power supply can be fitted in any wet room unprotected. Simply plug in the transformer into a 3 pin plug outside the bathroom and buy 3 metre dc cables which pass through a wall to get a power supply to the pumps. You can if needed connect your transformer to a lighting socket or wire it into a lighting socket as the each pumps only draw 12 watts (far less than a 100 watt light bulb).

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SP2B & SP1 Pumps – 3 amp transformers supplied

SP21S & SP22S Kits – 5 amp transformers supplied (powers up to 3 or even 4 individual pumps)

We also sell spare or replacement 3 amp 12 volt DC power supply for use with any Shower Power Booster. Powers up to two pumps.


Input 100-240V , 50/60 Hz 0.8A
Output 12V 3A

3 pin Plug with 1 metre AC Cable
Male DC Plug with 1 metre DC Cable.
Distance from plug to plug 2 metres