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Shower Power Booster


DIY FIT in 3-Steps

Used in over 15,000 UK HOMES

22mm to 3/4 inch Swivel Connector

22mm to 3/4″ Swivel Connector for Shower Power Booster


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Swivel Coupling
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All our Shower Power Boosters are supplied with fittings to connect directly to 22mm pipe or with the adaptors supplied free with every pump to connect to 15mm pipes. For 3/4 inch straight pipe found in Irish homes and old UK homes all you need to buy locally is a 22mm to 3/4 inch conversion olive.

Our 22mm to 3/4 inch BSP swivel connector is for connecting a Shower Power Booster directly to a 3/4 inch male BSP thread (commonly used in some countries of Europe and Africa)

22mm male to 3/4 inch female adaptor. Screws into a 22mm metric thread (1.1/8″ Whit) and presents a 3/4 inch female screw thread for connection to an existing 3/4 inch male screw thread.