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Adding a pump to boost a Combination Boiler - Shower Power Booster

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Homeowners with gravity system may change to a Combination Boiler to improve water pressure but they can be dissappointed having done so. You may still have pressure problems. We can solve your Combi Boiler pressure problems with a ShowerPowerBooster.

A Shower Power Booster will always solve a pressure problem, it is designed to boost the pressure before a combi boiler, or boost the pressure after a combi boiler. It can do so legally in full compliance with Water Bylaws, it cannot be damaged by a combination boiler, it can never damage a combination boiler.

The ShowerPowerBooster is targeted to support a single tap or single shower. This can be be a single tap or shower anywhere in your home but if you run two taps at any one time then it reduces the effectiveness of a SPB. For most homes the times that two taps are being used at the same time are often rare and you can buy more pumps if you want to boost more taps.

You can fit it on the cold feed to a combination boiler or the hot feed from a combination boiler. This blog gives advise on where to fit the ShowerPowerBooster, what ShowerPowerBooster to fit, and whether a ShowerPowerBooster will help.

Pressure Problems Upstream of a Combination Boiler
An indication that you have a pressure problem upstream of a Combi Boiler is that the boiler cuts out when you demand hot water. It starts heating and then it stops heating. The reason that a Combination Boiler shuts down is that the boiler has a ‘anti kettling’ feature and a pressure gage which switches off the boiler if the pressure drops below 1 bar (10 metres head). If there is not enough flow going through a boiler the water could also boil so it also switches off as there needs to be a minimum flow throughput or a minimum pressure. If the Combination Boiler is not shutting down it is better to fit the SPB on the hot delivery pipe from the Combi Boiler.

Pressure Problems on the hot feed from a Combination Boiler
When a ShowerPowerBooster increases the pressure this will increase the flow. To find which pipe to boost simply turn on the tap or shower you want to boost, see which pipe gets hot, and that is the pipe to fit a ShowerPowerBooster on.

Special Applications
A particular use of a Shower Power Booster is to stop pressure to a tap or shower fluctuating when you open another tap or shower. A ShowerPowerBooster fitted to a pipe that just feeds a particular tap or shower will prioritise water to that tap or shower. Water will go out of a tap in priority to a shower but if water can exit through our pump then our pump has top priority. We have had several customers who bought our competitors pumps to boost the water to a Combination Boiler before the combination boiler both legally and illegally, but then bought our SPB pumps to solve this fluctuation problem. The ShowerPowerBooster is the only pump you can fit safely and legally on the hot side of a Combination Boiler.

What ShowerPowerBooster Should I Fit
A SP2B at £125 is a single boost and it will always improve things, but for £30 more a SP21S at £155 is a double boost and it is always our recommendation provided you have the space to fit two pumps in series.

ShowerPowerBooster SP21S

Double Boost with the SP21S to get the equivalent of mains mressure on the hot.

What to do if I do not get the expected flow increase I hoped for.
If you did not have a pressure problem in the first place then the ShowerPowerBooster will not cause a dramatic improvement.
Combi Boiler Faults
If the pressure switch on the Combination Boiler thinks you have a low pressure when you do not.
Shower or Tap Mixer Faults
A good shower or tap mixer by UK standards only needs 2 or 3 metres head for a shower and a ShowerPowerBooster will often give you x4 the minimum however some mixers are designed for the European Market and much higher pressures. You can strip out the filters and water restrictors in the showers and this can often help.
Shower Head Faults
A poor Shower Head or Low Flow Hose is the single most common reason for a poor shower provided you have decent pressure to start with. Visit this web site to find out more

How do I identify if I have a pressure problem
As a service to ShowerPowerBooster customers we provide a pressure gage which screws into your shower hose so you can measure your pressure. If you run some tests we can discuss the results an in 90% of cases diagnose the problem.

Our Competitors

It is shameful that several manufacturers including well known UK manufacturers sell pumps which exceed the maximum pumping rate of 12 litres a minute without addressing the fact that it is illegal to install their pumps because their pumps pump in excess 12 litres a minute. Fitted on a mains pressure system you cannot put the responsibility on customers to fit the pump in such a way that it complies with bylaws even though in some instructions manuals the manufacturer says that it’s the responsibility of the customer to get permission from the water companies. Shame on you – you know that a water company would not give permission so your pumps are fitted illegally by virtue of your customers ignorance of the law

The Shower Power Booster has a defeat device which prevents pumping above 12 litres a minute so you can always be sure the ShowerPowerBooster will comply with Bylaws every time wherever you fit one and you never need to contact your water supplier before you fit a SPB.