Shower Power Booster

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Shower Power Booster

Easy | Efficient | Effective

Boosting Showers and Taps in Hotels - Shower Power Booster

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The Shower Power Booster is perfect for solving difficult plumbing problems in old hotels with wandering water pipes to multiple rooms. These small compact pumps are designed to fit inside partition walls, under floorboards, baths, and under shower units. Invented in the UK and manufactured in Buxton, Derbyshire, they are sold worldwide to solve problems no other pump can solve. They are not just a pump, but an invention which won Best Water Innovation at the Institute of Physics in London.

With multiple rooms competing for good flows and pressures, the showers and taps in ground floor rooms always win over those in upstairs rooms. The traditional solution of a single big pump gives the rooms near the pump stinging showers, whilst those far away from the pump get next to nothing.

A SP22S will give equal pressure and flow to each and every shower it is fitted to, and if the flow in a particular room is ok, then just boost the showers and taps in rooms which need boosting.

SP22S Fitted In Partition Wall at Hargate Hall Hotel

SP22S Fitted In Partition Wall at Hargate Hall Hotel

You can save the cost of installing big tanks and avoid the risk of over-pressuring old pipes. The avoidance of disruption to trade is also a major plus, as the pumps are fitted onto existing pipes in minutes, so there is no need to lose bookings.

Whether it is a complete hotel refurb you are looking for, or solving a problem in just one room, the ShowerPowerBooster is perfect.

We have many hotels who have used our pumps and we have had no adverse comments.

Our pumps are designed for all gravity and mains systems and can even boost showers and taps at the end of pumped systems, working in harmony with bigger pumps.

To enjoy a shower boosted by our Shower Power Boosters visit Hargate Hall in Buxton or Huttons Hotel in London (see links below).

Better still – if you have problems with showers and taps, give us a try.