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Balance Your Central Heating Flow With A WrightChoice Radiator Flow Booster


In many homes it is impossible to balance your radiators and the best way to get a a radiator to work may be to add a WRightChoice Radiator Flow Booster. A radiator flow booster adds a positive flow to or from your lazy radiator in priority to your other radiators.

The radiator flow booster is designed to work with your existing circulation pump and not replace it. Only when you are off grid would I recommend that you try to boost the entire system with our pumps. It fits on the delivery or return side of any circulation loop in standard radiator systems and for underfloor heating.

Our 4 watt 12 volt Direct Current  Flow Booster is ideal for groups of up to 4 radiators, beyond this and at special request, we can supply a much more powerful version of the pump. The bigger pump is 12 watts and with the same capacity as your primary CH recirculation system.

You may wish to have one last try at balancing your radiators without adding a WrightChoice Radiator Booster so I have added my top tips to balancing radiators at the end of this blog.

V1 WrightChoice Radiator Flow Booster

V1 WrightChoice Radiator Flow Booster (versions which fit directly to radiator also available)

There are 3 versions of the radiator flow booster and each is designed to withstand high pressure, and high temperature, and can be serviced without draining your central heating system. Features of our pump include pressure rating, temperature rating, avoidance of cavitation and overheating, and serviceability.

Pressure Rating Of The Flow Booster.

The WRightChoice radiator flow booster is rated for a continuous sustained pressure of 4 bars and we pressure test to 8 bars at our factory in Buxton Derbyshire. For this reason we are confident that the pumps are safe for use on all pressure systems including those with Combination Boilers.

Temperature Rating of The Flow Booster

The WrightChoice flow booster can easily pump water at 85 degrees C. In my own home where I add hot water from my wood burner into the central heating it handles superheated water above 100 degrees centigrade on a daily basis.

The Pump will not Cavitate or Burn Out

This is just basic physics and I just design my pumps this way. For those who understand science, if the suction of the pump can never drop the suction pressure below the dew point of water, then cavitation can never happen. The heat generated by a small pump can only cause the pump to overheat if the ratio of the wattage of the pump divided by the surface area is too great. 

Serviceability of the WrightChoice Radiator Flow Booster

The V1 Version of the flow booster has a filter upstream of the  pump so the pump is protected from debris and the filter can be easily remove and refitted after cleaning. We recommend a valve either side of the booster.

The V2 Version of the flow booster attaches to a radiator and replaces either the thermostatic valve or the lock valve (on the delivery or return). In the unlikely event of the pump jamming, the pump motor can be removed and the jam removed. You can purchase spare motors but in most cases the pump, once cleared of the jam, will work fine.

The V3 Version of the flow booster is for 15mm, 10mm and 8mm pipework and needs a valve either side. It is easy to remove the pump and remove the blockage.

How To Balance Your Radiators

Step one

Turn on or central heating and set to constant.

Turn up the wall thermostat.

Turn all radiators to maximum temperature and all valves to maximum,

All valves are clockwise close, so turn everything anticlockwise to the max.

Bleed all radiators.

Some radiators are now very hot, others hot, others cool.

Close all radiators which are very hot to force water to the other radiators.

The radiators you closed are cold.

Some radiators are now very hot, others hot, others cool.

Bleed all radiators.

Close the very hot radiators and progress this process until the very last radiator is hot

Step two

Open all radiators and reduce the flow through the hottest radiators first.

This should allow more flow to reach cooler radiators which now get hot.

As each radiator gets hot turn those radiators down.

Progress this until the last radiator gets hot.

If the last radiator does not get hot, then buy a WRightChoice Radiator Flow Booster!!