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Vibration when fitting pumps - Shower Power Booster

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Customer Service Visit 3rd September 2020


I am hoping this post will eventually be updated to say that the problem is solved but a customer in Ely reported a strange vibration that first appeared after fitting an SP22S under a bath. The strange vibration started without explanation and may also disappear forever without explanation.

The vibration starts at any time of the day and occurs even when the transformer is switched off so it is not the pumps causing the noise and the noise can even disappear when the pumps are in use.

Fitting a Shower Power Booster is the least disruptive option to boosting water pressure. Compared with a traditional pump, which often requires you to drain down an entire hot water cylinder to fit an Essex Flange; with the Shower Power Booster, you only need to drain the pipe on which the pump is fitted.

From my site visit, I felt it was not an air issue and because this intermittent problem did not occur when I was there I could not trace the problem.

The only thing I am aware of that might cause a vibration when the pumps are turned off if it is not air causing the pumps to trip in, is the vibration caused by water crossing from a high-pressure pipe to a low-pressure pipe.

Both hot and cold are gravity fed, so in most of the house so in general there is no pressure gradient between the hot and cold.

When any plumbing takes place a shard can be dislodged and partially block a valve or stop it closing properly and this can cause the vibration. It can also be entirely coincidental that a fault occurs totally unrelated to the work you are doing.


There are 3 locations in this home where cold mains water can cross to water at a lower pressure:

1.0 Law dictates that your kitchen sinks are cold mains fed. There is a nonreturn valve which is on the hot side of the mixer tap and this may be intermittently jammed open. Water passing through the nonreturn valve may cause vibration?

2.0 Every toilet will have a valve between the cold feed and the reservoir of water in the toilet. Is the valve on the cold feed intermittently jammed open?

3.0 There is a cold water tank in the loft fed by mains water and a ball valve. Is the valve on the cold feed intermittently jammed open?


Close observation of the pumps allows you to note if the pumps are operating when the noise occurs but please note that vibration caused by water passing through a jammed valve can travel throughout the house so where you hear it loudest may not be where the source is.

Feel the pipe close to the vibration and if the pitch changes when you grip it firmly you have found the source.


Alan Wright 
The inventor of the Shower Power Booster


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