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Shower Power Booster

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DIY: Boost your water pressure in 3 easy steps - Shower Power Booster

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Since lockdown began we have had many customers looking for home DIY improvements that don’t require someone coming into the home. Whilst the easing of lockdown has meant that trade can resume in the house, there are many out there that are either shielding or have concerns about work being carried out.

When we invented the Shower Power Booster we had no idea it would be in over 15,000 homes globally by 2020 and one of the greatest bits of feedback we get from many of our customers, is how pleased they are that they can fit the pump themselves*.

So whether you’re ready to DIY, worried about work being carried out in your home, or need a more economical solution with the same effects as its counter-parts, the Shower Power Booster is the solution you need to low water pressure.


Here’s the 3 simple steps to DIY:

illustration of water pipe with step 1: location


1. Location

Pick a place on a water feed pipe (somewhere you can easily access). Traditionally, pumps tend to be bulky and require being upright; fortunately, the Shower Power Booster is compact and can be fitted to a water feed pipe at any angle, that could be by the hot water cylinder, the boiler, in the bathroom or somewhere where you can get to a power socket (up to 15m from the pump)

illustration of hand and wrench with text Step 2: Install

2. Install the pump

Not as scary as it sounds! We provide instructions with your pump so you have a step by step guide, or contact our support team if you get stuck.

Using a pipe cutter, measure and remove 115mm of pipe (top tip is to keep this bit of pipe if you’re in a rental property and want to take the pump with you when you leave, more on this in another blog post soon). Insert the Shower Power Booster pump and tighten with the compression joints that come with the pump.

The pump fits 22mm and 3/4 inch copper and plastic pipework, and includes reducers to fit 15mm and 1/2 inch pipework (click this link to find out more).

Illustration of blue hand turning on switch with text Step 3: Switch it on

3. Switch it on and Enjoy!

Plug in the power supply that leads to the pump (12 volt and 100% waterproof which means it’s safe in bathrooms). Turn it on and enjoy the impact it has on your water pressure!



For a more in-depth guide to DIY and install the Shower Power Booster yourself, check out our 3 step guide. 

*If you aren’t confident about DIY, check out our recommended plumbers page which connects you to plumbers in your area