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Fitting A Shower Power Booster Under A Bath - Shower Power Booster

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Many bath taps are available with diverters to a shower  above. Bath taps with diverters normally need a shower power booster pump on both the hot and the cold. These can be bought as a single SP22S kit giving you 2 fully automatic pumps.

The easiest, quickest, and cheapest way of fitting ShowerPowerBooster pumps under a bath is to fit them onto an existing straight length of pipe often found under a bath however if this is not possible please read on.

Under a bath you may find an existing copper or plastic pipe where its easy just to cut out 110mm of pipe and fit the shower power booster (no additional fittings required). There are often two flex hoses underneath the taps which could be used as part of the solution to fitting our pumps. There are so many options that it is impractical to show them all but look at some options below.

Option 1 (Fit pump immediately after tap)

1 number 22mm female with 3/4 inch BSP Female swivel joint (£5.00 from Flowflex)
1 no. 22mm compression to 3/4 male BSP Fitting (£1.64)

Option 2 (Fit pump immediately after flexi pipe)

1 no. 22mm female with 3/4 inch BSP Female swivel joint per pump (£5.00 from Flowflex)
This option can be used with copper or plastic pipe and if you need more flexibility, 22mm plastic pipe will cost about £10.25 for a 3 metre length plus inserts.

USE YOUR EXISTING FLEX PIPE OR BUY A SHORTER FLEX PIPE (minimum length that can be bought is 300mm) 1 no 22 x 3:4 BSP flex hose, 300mm long, cost me £4.26.

Option 3 – (Between two Flex Pipes) You can fit a shower power booster pump between two flex pipes if you buy 2 no. 22mm compression to 3/4′ Male BSP Fitting at about £1.64 each to go either side of the pump.

Option 4 – Using Plastic Pipe to give flexibility
1 no. 22mm Plastic Pipe (£10.25 for a 3 metre length)
22mm plastic pipe inserts cost about 40p each.