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Shower Power Booster

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Triple Boosting a Gravity Shower With a Shower Power Booster

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The Shower Power Booster is a micro pump which increases pressure to any pipe it is fitted on. You can single boost, double boost, and in exceptional circumstances triple boost. This blog explains in detail why you might want to double or triple boost rather than just single boost.

With no ShowerPowerBooster the pressure at an upstair shower head is typically 0.1 bars, with a single boost 0.3 bars, and boosting both hot and cold gives you 0.4 bars.

Many people are more than happy with x3 the pressure with a single SP2B on the hot, some might think the benefit in balancing the hot and cold better, plus a x4 boost is worth buying our SP22S two pump bundle. We get lots of 5 star reviews from customers who fitted just a single SP2B and the SP22S.

A unique feature of the shower power booster is that it will boost at an optimal level and achieve a good shower if you have a pressure and flow problem but if you already have a good flow Рthe pump deactivates itself. If you do not have a pressure problem  and buy this pump will see little difference. Others who have a pressure and flow problem will be utterly amazed.

For those that might be interested in the science behind the facts please read on.

The Perfect Shower From A Gravity System

Flow Rate: A typical 6 litre a minute hot shower at 42 deg C is normally created by mixing 2/3 hot (4 litres a minute), with 1/3rd Cold (2 litres a minute). 6 litres a minute is the optimal shower for washing suds out of long hair because a lower flow rate would require you to spend a longer time in the shower whilst any more flow is an overkill, increasing the cost of energy to heat the water, and water usage in general.

Spray Pattern & Force: To get a perfect 6 litre a minute shower you need a nice spray pattern so you will need around 3 metres head. A typical gravity system gives you 1 metre head without boosting.

SPB Pump Output: The pressure output of the pump falls when more water is pumped. The chart in this blog shows the relationship between pressure and flow and has been used for our calculations.

With No Boost

1 metre head


4 litres boosted to 4 metres plus 2 litres un-boosted at 1 metre head = ((4*4)+(2*1))/6 = 3 metres head




You will get a better shower if you boost both hot an cold but for most people they think to cost of a second pump is not worth it. For others a bit more money spent now means each and every shower you take is better.

4 litres boosted to 4 metres plus 2 litres boosted to 4 metre head = ((4*4)+(2*4))/6 = 4 metres head


You will get an even better shower

4 litres boosted to 7 metres plus 2 litres boosted to 4 metre head = ((7*4)+(2*4))/6 = 6 metres head

For most showers all you will need is a single boost because the shower head limit the water and trying get more water through simply kills ever increasing pressures with very little increase in flow.

This is the flow to pressure output for a typical shower head. Wrightchoice shower heads are designed for maximising the performance at low pressures an is optimal at 3 metres head. You might get a better shower by simply changing your shower head.

Pressure Flow Test

Pressure Flow Test