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Shower Power Booster

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How to Boost an Electric Shower with the Shower Power Booster - Shower Power Booster

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Few things can dampen spirits like a disappointing shower! You jump in ready to be invigorated – or relaxed – only to experience a low-pressure trickle from an underwhelming electric shower. Worse still your shower may run hot and cold and perhaps the pressure fluctuates according to the time of day.

If your electric shower suffers low pressure, there is a quick, simple and easy to fit solution – The Shower Power Booster inline shower pump for electric showers.

Simple Way to Boost Low Pressure from an Electric Shower

The Shower Power Booster is a small yet powerful pump, specifically designed to avoid the need to remove or upgrade an existing mains-fed electric shower. It is compact enough to fit inside a partition wall, under a bath or under floorboards. It can be fitted in three easy steps by most DIYers and uses safe 12-volt DC from a standard socket, which does not require an electrician.

Low water pressure to a mains-fed electric shower may cause it to run hot, run cold or simply provide a disappointing flow. Temperature and pressure can also fluctuate if a toilet or tap is used elsewhere in the home. This can be even worse if you and your neighbours share a common mains water service, such as in a block of flats.

Electric showers heat water from a cold water supply. If the existing pressure to an existing shower  is poor, the Shower Power Booster is without doubt the the simple low-cost solution.

Fitting the Shower Power Booster to any copper or plastic pipe which feeds an electric shower is an easy DIY job, with no need for an electrician. WRAS approved and fully compliant with water bylaws, it can be fitted in less than 10 minutes. Simply identify the water feed pipe, remove 115mm of pipe, insert the pump and plug the power supply into an available socket. It provides a permanent retrofit solution to a problem shower, does not require any building or plumbing regulations and can easily be taken with you if you move.

The Shower Power Booster pump is supplied with a 12-volt DC power supply which can be plugged into a standard household socket. The 12-volt DC power cable can be extended up to 15m to situate the pump in many locations including under a bath, under a sink, in the loft, anywhere. You may prefer to wire the 12-volt transformer directly into the lighting circuit so it comes on at the same time as the lights.

The Shower Power Booster SP2B is a fully automatic ‘fit and forget’ solution. The pump can be fitted at any angle where there is sufficient space and access. Being small and compact, it does not require any bracing.

The pump draws just 12 watts of power – less than a child’s night light! The 12-volt DC power supply is safe to use in any environment including a bathroom, shower room or wet room. It requires no wiring and has a 2-year warranty as standard, which can be extended to 3 years.

How Does it Work?

The Shower Power Booster pump boosts mains pressure to your electric shower and helps protect the flow. It gives your electric shower top priority even if taps, toilets, baths or other outlets are simultaneously used.

The pump boosts pressure by around 0.4 bar, turning the trickle from your electric shower into a satisfying and consistent flow. Due to its pumping action, it will boost and protect your electric shower’s performance without reducing flow elsewhere to taps, toilets or your neighbours.

The Shower Power Booster is very quiet and will not disturb you or your neighbours. For most electric showers, a single SP2B fully automatic Shower Power Booster is all you need. In rare cases of exceptionally low mains pressure or flow, the SP21S double boost Shower Power Booster will provide superior performance from an electric shower and can be used to boost pressure and flow throughout the entire home.

If you’re disappointed by a lack lustre electric shower suffering lack of pressure, the Shower Power Booster pump is the easy, efficient and effective way to boost performance. DIY fitted in minutes, without the need for an electrician, it’s a Great British-made invention used in over 15,000 UK homes.