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Boosting a Downstairs Tap or Shower - Shower Power Booster

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A ShowerPowerBooster is a great solution if you want to boost a downstairs kitchen tap. After many years of experience and feedback from customers we can say with certainty that if a downstairs tap or shower is suffering from low flow on the hot it is best served with a double boost SP21S pump kit.

A downstairs tap or shower in a two storey house has 4 to 6 metres head already. Our SP21S will double boost to give the equivalence of mains pressure on the hot. When you have mains pressure on the hot and cold and it is still not giving you satisfaction then its probably time to look to changing the tap or shower rather than trying to boost the pressure further.

For a downstairs kitchen tap (which by law must have mains water cold and as a consequence 10 metres head), the following increase in flow from the hot can be expected. The existing head from the top of cold tank in the loft to the level of tap outlet is 2.5 metres + 3.0 metres = 5.5 metres. A SP21S adds 3 + 3 = 6 metres head. Pressure on the hot will be up 100% and flow up 50%

Boost a Kitchen Tap

Boost a Kitchen Tap

If you have fitted just a single SP2B and you have a downstairs kitchen tap the pressure increase will be up 54% and flow increase up 27%. You can upgrade to a SP21s by buying our upgrade pump for £55

All of the above calculations are an estimate only and will vary depending on your homes pipework, tap, and temperatures.

You can if you wish boost the hot water near the cylinder where it could increase the hot water pressure throughout the home.

You can boost the hot water near the tap or shower you want to boost to improve the tap or shower only.

The choice is yours and the options are explained in the installation guide sent with all pumps.

Click on the link below to see the latest ShowerPowerBooster Fitting Guide.

ShowerPowerBooster Information Manual