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Shower Power Booster

Easy | Efficient | Effective

Ideal Standard Trevi Boost System - Shower Power Booster
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Photo Of Trevi Boost Curtesy of Derek Montgomery. Derek Fitted a SP2B in June 2019

If you are having problems with your Trevi Boost System there are options. Rather than spend money on a new Venturi then risk that you still need a pump, you can for half the cost of a replacement Trevi Boost thermostatic cartridge, buy and fit a fully automatic SP2B Shower Power Booster.

The advantage is not only cost but should you want to buy a normal shower mixer to replace your Trevi Boost System sometime in the future, you will already have the pressure and flows to do so.

The ShowerPowerBooster is fitted away from the mixer so there is no need to disturb tiles or touch the mixer itself.

The best solution for most customers is to fit the SP2B next to the hot water cylinder where it can boost the whole home, every tap, every shower, including your Venturi Boost Shower.

The ShowerPowerBooster has been boosting the hot side of Venturi Boost Showers since 2014. We have never known it not to resolve issues of faulty cartridges or fluctuating pressures.

Boosted Gravity Hot and Mains Cold – Whole House Solution

It is with confidence that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

The ShowerPowerBooster is designed for simple DIY and without the need for an electrician so you can fit it yourself.

Please purchase direct from this site to get your product from the manufacturer and inventor of this amazing patented UK manufactured booster and to get one to one fitting advise and guidance should you require it.