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Pressure Problems In Electric Showers - Shower Power Booster

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Pressure problems in electric showers are common and will always be solved with a retrofit Shower Power Booster. A ShowerPowerBooster fitted on the 15mm feed to an electric shower is designed to stop an electric shower running cold when the pressure drops.

Is your Electric Shower Faulty?
An electric shower cuts the power if the pressure falls below 1.0 bar. This is to prevent the electric shower delivering boiling water. Some faulty showers deliver scalding water instead of shutting off.

If your electric shower shuts down or delivers scalding water when someone opens a tap or flushes the toilet, then a ShowerPowerBooster will sort it.

If your electric shower runs hot and or cold if someone runs a tap or you flush the toilet – Its a pressure problem a ShowerPowerBooster will sort it.

If your electric shower runs at the same flow for hot and cold – A Shower power Booster can improve the flow up to the maximum heating capacity of your particular electric shower (visit our site to find out more).

A single ShowerPowerBooster will add 0.4 bars to your existing pressure (enough for almost all of our customers)
The two pump kit (SP21S) gives you two ShowerPowerBoosters in series will add 0.4 bars plus 0.4 bars = 0.8 bars in addition to your existing pressure.

If you have already bought one pump you can simply add a second pump and double boost for £55.

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