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Collecting rainwater and using it in your own home (known as rainwater harvesting) is simple and affordable if fitted as a retrofit in your own home.

After 3 years of trials (October 2020), I perfected the rainwater harvesting system in my own home in Norfolk, England, giving me the possibility of 90% self-sufficiency in my home and saving around £500 a year in water.

In 2017, I installed a completely automatic system for collection, storage, filtration, treatment, and usage and in the case of a drought, the entire system simply switches itself to the mains supply.

Such a system would not be affordable to most without the invention of the ShowerPowerBooster pumps. The same pump technology that gives wonderful showers and tap flows, is the pump technology that creates a hot water flow to cold radiators and drives water from a wood burner back boiler to heat a whole home.

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Summer Rainwater Harvesting

rainwater harvestAfter 2 years of operating the system in our home, I concluded that the garden and car washing was taking so much water so there was little left to supply the house.

The system automatically switches from rainwater to mains water seamlessly but the rainwater also contained algae which blocked my filters.

In summer, my rainwater just supplies the garden, and the SP21S pumps installed in my garage double boosts the water – it supplies water at hosepipe pressure to my garden, and for car washing. There is not enough water to supply both my home and the garden and just a small amount of algae growth blocked my filters.

You can deliver ‘free’ water by hosepipe to your garden, your car, and windows (distilled water) and intermittent storms fill my 4,500-litre storage which goes a long way to self-sufficiency!

Winter Rainwater Harvesting

In the autumn and winter, my water is not needed in the garden so I simply open a valve to supply my home with filtered rainwater. It supplies our washing machine, our toilets, showers, baths, and we use it for hot hand washing.

For car washing, the SP21S can supply double boosted unfiltered rainwater via a tap outside our garage.


Fully Automated System

The existing SP21S in our garage pumps to the garden simply by opening the garden tap. The booster pumps since the opening of the tap hydraulically and switches on automatically and by simply turn off the tap and the pumps stop until you need water again.

In the winter, the SP21S in the garage is started by demand for water in my home. If, for example, a toilet is flushed, the refilling of the toilet will be sensed by an SP2B in my loft which starts the SP21S in the garage; the SP21S in the garage continues to pump until the water used in flushing the toilet is replaced.

Should I run out of rainwater the cold water is automatically switched to mains water.

Despite living in one of the driest parts of the UK with an average of 650mm of rain a year, I can collect 14m x 14m x 650mm of water = 127.4 tomes of water every year.

100 tonnes of water a year = £500 in water saved!


Alan Wright
The inventor of the Shower Power Booster


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