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Shower Power Booster

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A Trevi Boost is a cleaver way of boosting a gravity hot, taking pressure from a mains feed cold, and giving this to the hot.

Its a bit hit and miss as if your hot pressure is too low to start with or the mains pressure fluctuates, or the temperatures vary then your shower will suffer.

A ShowerPowerBooster works in harmony with your Trevi Boost and will always improve and stabilise your shower even if the cartridge is due for replacement. Leave your Trevi Boost in place and just fit a SPB – It always works.

What our customers say.

Trustpilot Review

Trustpilot Review – M Taylor 14th February 2021

I have a pair of Trevi Boost showers which use cold water pressure to enhance the hot, they’re good but not that powerful. On one of Trevi’s troubleshooting sites an expert there suggested your power boosters to further power up the hot water. Following extensive viewing of Alan Wrights various videos, I decided to take the plunge! My plumber had never heard of the booster so I forwarded him the videos and he had no problem fitting the SP21S to all the hot water side. Wow, what a difference. Generally throughout the house very much improved flow, however the shower is a torrent! 6 litres-a-minute before to 17 litres-a-minute now. Thanks Alan, glad I took the plunge. Phil Cowell 14th Jan 2021


We had a Trevi Boost system installed some years ago (uses mains water pressure to draw hot water through the shower using the venturi principle). It was always a bit borderline because we have a very small head from the hot water tank, and shower was often lukewarm. I’ve just installed an SP2 pump on the hot feed to the shower, and it’s solved the problem – shower now works brilliantly. Pump takes up minimal space in the airing cupboard, was easy to install, and was delivered very quickly. Thanks for a great product! David Jarratt 19th September 2018
Easy to order online. Arrived promptly. Simple to fit. I use it in combination with an Ideal Trevi Boost shower to enhance the flow of the hot water supply a bit as it has a long way to travel from the hot water cylinder. Works a treat. J Balwin 29th Oct 2018