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The ShowerPowerBooster can legally Boost low water mains pressure in the UK and Scotland.

The ShowerPowerBooster supplies the perfect flow for a single shower or tap flow and you will be able to get this water 24/7 everyday of the week provided there is water in the main. If you want to take too much water it is not only illegal in the UK but it would pose a serious risk to your health and the health of your neighbors. Even if you wanted a big pump to take enough water to run 3 taps at a time please don’t do it as it not only stirs up the mains but collapses the pressure so you neighbors cannot have water and when they do get water it will probably be contaminated.

Since the ShowerPowerBooster limits flow rather than pressure your best choice for boosting mains water pressure into a home is to double boost and use a SP21S so you get maximum pressure without exceeding the 12 litres a minute maximum. The ShowerPowerBooster will work anywhere in the world as it is powered by a transformer which runs from a 110 to 240 ac power supply which converts it to 12 volts, or runs directly from a 12 volt car battery. Outside the UK we recommend you buy 22mm to 3/4 inch adaptors so you can easily connect to existing local pipework.

22mm to 3/4 inch adaptors

It is legal to fit a ShowerPowerBooster on the cold mains feed – Click here to see an extract from the Regulations