Shower Power Booster

Easy | Efficient | Effective

Shower Power Booster

Easy | Efficient | Effective

SPB pumps can be fitted wherever it is easiest to fit them.

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Easy Plumbing
SPB pumps can be fitted wherever it is easiest to fit them. They work at any angle or orientation. Pumps are designed to fit on existing ¾ inch, ½ inch, 22mm, and 15mm pipes, plastic or copper. The ShowerPowerBooster price includes everything in the box to fit them on to a 15mm or 22mm pipe. It takes very little space to fit one and the pumps will be supported by themselves on the pipes they are fitted on (the total length of fitting 150mm).

Compression Joints
The compression joints we use allow the pumps to fit directly on to existing pipes, even if those pipes are oval or wrong-sized, and if they leak – just tighten the compression nuts another half turn until they stop leaking. Leak-tight joints can be achieved with even a low skill of DIY.

Lightweight and Compact
ShowerPowerBoosters are so very lightweight and compact that they can be fitted to a 15mm or 22mm pipe unsupported. A ShowerPowerBooster hanging on existing pipework frees up space in airing cupboards and under sinks for things other than pumps. Simply slice the pipe, remove 115mm of straight pipe, insert the pump, and tighten the compression joints.

Flexible Positioning
You can fit them under the bath, under a floorboard, in an airing cupboard, in the loft – and they are so quiet they can even be fitted in a bedroom. SPB can run against a closed head or even dry. Even with a flow of water, the usage of a big pump is often restricted to say 20 minutes continuous use to prevent over-heating. ShowerPowerBoosters can run continuously (although an automatic switch will limit running to times only when you need water). Traditional pumps cannot be fitted in an enclosed space, as ventilation around their pumps is required, but ShowerPowerBoosters do not over heat.

Large pumps can pull in air into the pump volute, which can stop the pumps working. The ShowerPowerBooster limits the amount of water taken from the hot water cylinder so as not to exceed the input to the cylinder. They do not therefore pull in air, so they do not need a Surrey or Essex Flange; nor do you need to drain the cylinder.

Easy Electrics
SPB pumps run off a 12-volt power supply (supplied), which allows them to be fitted in bathrooms, where a traditional 240 volt pump would be illegal.

ShowerPowerBoosters are safe and fully waterproof, even under total immersion.

The SPB transformer can be plugged into the nearest convenient 3-pin socket. Pumps can be up to 15 metres away from the transformer, using 3-metre long, low-voltage extension leads without the need for an electrician.

Needing only 15 watts of power, a SPB can be run off an electric light circuit.

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ShowerPowerBooster Information Manual