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A Good Shower Head Is Very Important

A good shower head is vitally important to achieving a good shower. A good shower is a shower which is given sufficient pressure for a good and defined shower spray pattern and a flow adequate to wash away soap and suds. Low pressure is the pressure which is achieved...

Boosting a Junkers Bosch Gas Heater

A Junkers Bosch Gas Heater is a Combi Boiler and like all Combi Boilers with low and fluctuating pressure the ShowerPowerBooster is an ideal solution. A Junkers Bosch Gas Heater has a differential pressure valve which turns off the gas if the inlet pressure is too...

What is the Cost Of A Bath Or A Shower?

In 2013 attended a Science Fair in Norwich with two stands. The ‘green’ stand emphasised the ShowerPowerBooster as an energy and water saving innovation, the ‘blue’ stand emphasised that the ShowerPowerBooster provided enough water and pressure...