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Shower Power Booster

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How To Install a pump in the Loft - Shower Power Booster

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The Shower Power Booster can be installed in the loft anywhere on the pipes up there (but not directly on the vent pipe -see diagram). Installing a pump in the loft or above a hot water cylinder is a very good place for a Shower Power Booster Pump for many reasons.

Traditional pumps must in all cases be installed at least 600mm from the bottom of the cold water storage tank to the top of the motor/impellor casing of the pump. The SPB is designed specifically not to pull in air from the vent pipe and there is no minimum from the bottom of the cold tank required.

If you have a choice of fitting the pump at the base of the hot water cylinder and bringing the pipework up and over, and then down DO NOT DO IT. Save pipework and the risk of trapping air by simply connecting your pump to the existing pipe in the loft or connect a new pipe to the vent pipe in the loft and let the pipe fall away to the new shower.

The pump is powered from a 12 volt transformer which can be wired into a normal 3 pin plug socket and then a low voltage lead can be be extended by up to 15 metres to the pump. We sell everything you need to do the job and for most everything you need is already included free of charge with the pump.

 For a upstairs shower we have found 85% of customers  only need a single SP2B Shower Power Booster on the hot water pipe but you may prefer to boost the hot and the cold with a SP22S.

 15,000 thousand customers all over the world have bought our pumps and fitted these to their existing pipework. You can save the cost of pipework, the cost of raising the tank, the cost of an electrician, and its so simple it is a easy DIY task.

Shower Power Booster Loft Installation