Shower Power Booster

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Shower Power Booster

Easy | Efficient | Effective

Boost Pressure & Flow to Taps and Showers in Gravity Systems - Shower Power Booster

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A Shower Power Booster is a retrofit pressure booster which can be installed on your existing pipework to boost your showers and tap flows. Its DIY and can be fitted without the need for an electrician . It is particularily effective for boosting gravity hot with either gravity cold or mains pressure cold, and it is a permanent solution.The performance with a single SPB on the hot is very good, with a second SPB on the hot is is can be brilliant (the SP22S is the cheapest way to buy two pumps).

A single Shower Power Booster (SP2B) fitted to boost an upstairs shower will quadruple the pressure and double the flow at your shower head (better than moving your cold header tank from the loft to the roof apex)

The pumps  will not cavitate, burn out, or pull in air, and in a power cut it will not restrict your flow. They can be fitted in under 10 minutes to your existing pipework without modification of your pipework  saving you hours of work. Surrey and Essex Flanges are not needed.

The two choices of where to fit a single or a pair of ShowerPowerBoosters are to boost every tap and shower by fitting it near the hot water cylinder, or just on the pipe or pipes that feeds the tap or shower which needs boosting (detailed drawings are in the booklet sent with the pumps).

To boost every tap and shower in a house go for a SP2B on the hot or a pair of pumps (SP22S) to boost hot and cold. Pumps immediately next to the hot water cylinder can boost every tap and shower in the house (The Whole House Solution). Most customers only need to boost the hot but many prefer to boost hot and cold. If you think the pipes near your cylinder might need modifications in order to create space fit our pump then return to this link to find out more.

If you fit a Shower Power Booster on the pipes that feed only a shower or tap, it will maintain that shower or tap even if other taps are being used in the home (Protected Flow Solution). No longer will running a tap elsewhere in the home make the shower run cold or fluctuate.


Most people get away with just a single ShowerPowerBooster as a hot water pump only pressurising the hot, which should balance an existing cold pressure if the cold is gravity-fed or if the cold is mains-fed. With the cold on mains pressure the best solution is to double boost the hot with our SP21S  but a single pump should work.  A good mixer tap will balance hot and cold with a pressure differential of 4 to 1, or even 5 to 1 (which is why we have carefully sized the pump as we have – powerful enough but not too powerful so that it unbalances the pressure).

OUR PUMPS BOOST ANY AND ALL SYSTEMS SO VISIT OUR PLUMBERS FORUM FOR FOR FURTHER APPLICATIONS AND ADVICE (Click Here). For detailed advice specific to your home please contact our technical team on 01928 620 099 or email (out of hours email )