Shower Power Booster

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Shower Power Booster

Easy | Efficient | Effective

Boosting 'Megaflo' and other unvented systems - Shower Power Booster

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A shower power booster can boost the supply pressure to or from a megaflo or any other unvented system.

Unlike traditional power showers the shower power booster is designed to withstand water at 85 Degrees centigrade and can withstand a sustained pressure of 4 bars without failure. It is therefore perfect for any and all unvented plumbing systems.

The physics is simple and just by fitting a shower power booster on any pipe and a shower power booster it will increases the pressure. Since the mega flow is designed to run at mains pressure then to make a significant difference we recommend a SP21S (SP2 plus SP2U) to give a double boost to the tank.

If a shower or tap suffers from fluctuating or low pressure after the pressurised cylinder, our pumps can protect and boost the pressure to maintain shower or tap flows by changing the priority at which water leaves a pressurised pipe. Water is ‘lazy’ and if given a chance to force its way through a shower head or leave the pressurised pipe through an open tap it takes the route of least resistance – the tap.

Offer that same water the option of entering the ‘suction’ of a pump inlet then that takes priority and once the pump has got its water it boosts it to give enough pressure and flow to maintain that tap or shower. Simple.

OUR PUMPS BOOST ANY AND ALL SYSTEMS SO VISIT OUR PLUMBERS FORUM FOR FOR FURTHER APPLICATIONS AND ADVICE (Click Here). For detailed advice specific to your home please contact our technical team on 01928 620 099 or email (out of hours email )