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Shower Power Booster


DIY FIT in 3-Steps

Used in over 15,000 UK HOMES

22mm Compression Slip Joint Coupling

22mm Compression Slip Joint Coupling for Shower Power Booster


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22mm Slip Coupling
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22mm Compression Slip Joint Coupling.

Most pipework will move apart a few millimetres in order to insert the shower power booster pump and then you just tighten up the SPB compression joints.

If you are unlucky enough to have little or no play to insert the Shower Power Booster the pipe can be cut between two rigid ends away from where the SPB is to be fitted. After the shower power booster is fitted the slip joint slips over one pipe end and can then be pulled back into position and the slip joint nuts tightened.

Most people do not need this fitting but if you think there is little play in your pipes you may want to buy this fitting in advance as a precaution.