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Shower Power Booster


DIY FIT in 3-Steps

Used in over 15,000 UK HOMES

Replacement Motor

Replacement Motor for the Shower Power Booster


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Spare Motor
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Replacement Motor to fit all models of Shower Power Booster.

In a world of throw away items this product best reflects the sustainability ethos of the Inventor. All components included with the first pumps we sold in 2013 are the same dimensionally and interchangeable with todays pumps.

You can buy just the pump by buying a SP2U or SP1U which gives you a complete new SPB pump. This allows you to keep the existing nuts and olives and transformer in place making replacement so very easy and this is our recommended solution.

The pump motors are better and more reliable than the pump motors we sold in 2013, they give 5% more pressure, but they have exactly the same dimensions, and still need just 4 screws to be removed and refitted in order to replace your existing motor.

You can also buy a replacement a 12 volt transformer.

This is how you replace the motor:-