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Get the Perfect Shower!

DIY, Simple 3-step installation

No electrician needed

Uses 95% less energy than standard pumps


Get the Perfect Shower!

Simple 3-step installation

Simple & Safe Electrical & Plumbing

Plug & Play

Buy Direct From The Manufacturer & Inventor on This Site

Over 15,000 units Sold Worldwide (£1.5 Million)



As seen on BBC DRAGON’S DEN | Used in over 15,000 UK HOMES | NEXT WORKING DAY UK Delivery

The Shower Power Booster

Easy, Efficient & Effective Inline Micro Pump

The Shower Power Booster is a unique and compact pump which can be DIY fitted to any shower, tap or hot water system to quickly boost performance. British designed and manufactured, the pump uses a safe 12V DC power supply which can be plugged into a conventional 3 pin plug. Simple plumbing which could be undertaken by an electrician or DIY.

Quiet in operation, the Shower Power Booster pump saves energy by requiring just 12 watts to create the same effect as a traditional pump which uses twenty times as much energy. With 5-star reviews, 2-year warranty, free delivery and excellent customer service, it’s a fraction of the cost to fit compared with old fashioned shower pumps and a simple solution for low shower pressure and low tap flow.

Effective & Quiet Pump

Quieter than traditional pumps. Noise measured at <50 Db from 0.1 metres.

3-Step Easy Installation

DIY fit wherever is easiest within your system. No Surrey Flange or System Draindown



Boosts electric & gravity showers, taps, combi boilers, radiators & more

Uses safe 12V DC from a standard socket

Free 2-Year Warranty

30-day money-back guarantee & free delivery

British Made

Buy with confidence from the designer & manufacturer

The Shower Power Booster pump can boost…

Buy a Shower Power Booster for a bar mixer




Buy a Shower Power Booster for a shower over a bath




Buy a Kitchen Tap Flow Booster




Buy an Electric Shower Booster




Buy a Radiator Flow Booster




Buy a Combination Boiler Booster




Buy a pump for a gravity system




Buy a pump for a mains pressure system




Buy a pump for a high temperature system




The Shower Power Booster pump can boost…







Gravity Fed


Solar Thermal

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