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Boosting Bath Taps with a Shower Diverter - Shower Power Booster

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Our Automatic pump (SP2B) can be used in various applications including boosting taps with a shower diverter. Our website has a wealth of articles and information pages to help you choose the best solution and we will support and help all customers wherever you have purchased your pump.


Wall Mounted Mixers
It is a fact that most wall mounted mixers are great at balancing differential pressure of 5 to 1 so a single SP2B is all you need for most of the wall mounted mixers. 80% of wall mounted mixers need just the one pump on the hot because a mixed shower takes 2/3 hot and 1/3 cold. Boosting the hot and the cold for a gravity system is always better than boosting just the hot but for most people just boosting the hot is fine.

Bath Taps with a Shower Diverter
Unlike wall mounted mixers, ‘bath taps with a shower diverter’ are very poor at mixing with an unequal hot and cold pressure. We always recommend boosting the hot and the cold with a SP22S if its a gravity system and double boosting the hot with a SP21S if its mains pressure cold and gravity hot system.

Buying the right shower mixer
I have written this post having just replied to a customer who has fitted a Jupiter Cork Single Lever Bath Mixer with Shower and a single SP2B shower power booster pump. The specification for this mixer states ‘low – 1 bar’.

1.0 bar is 10 metres head but my interpretation of low would be 2 metres (.2 bars). In fairness, it only cost £49.99 and they also state in the advertising that its suitable for combi boilers and mains fed systems so they are not miss-selling.

A simple way forward, if it’s not too late, is to recognise that the mixer is not suitable, return it, and replace it with a suitable mixer. NotJustTaps sells a ‘contemporary low pressure bath shower mixer tap’ for £169.85 which claims to need just 0.2 bars, so this is the sort of mixer tap you need, but there are lots of other mixer taps out there if you ask the right questions and follow my guide (click on link):-

Review of Best Mixer Showers

With the right mixer and a SP21S or SP22S you will get the great shower you deserve (see above)

Solutions To Problems When You Have A High-Pressure Mixer
If your ShowerPowerBooster cuts out when you mix more hot than cold, our does not switch on automatically, this can happen because you reduce the demand for hot below 1.5 litres a minute as you mix hot and cold or the cold pressure overpowers the hot.

Possible Solutions:-
1.0 Reduce the temperature of the hot at the cylinder

2.0 Increase the flow with a better showerhead or hose (visit my private site using this link):-

Best Shower Heads and Hoses

3.0 Add a second pump to either boost hot and cold or double boost the hot.

SP2U Upgrade Shower Power Booster Pump (Automatic)

SP1U Upgrade Shower Power Booster Pump (Manual)

4.0 Contact us and mention the kickstart remote boost.
I supply a second pump and a remote control which can be fitted to boost your pipes and which I sell only to customers who need a solution to the pump not switching on automatically. To contact me direct use my email