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Shower Power Booster

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Boosting water pressure in Angola, Africa - Shower Power Booster

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We live in a remote village in Lunda Sul province working among the Chokwe speaking people as Christian missionaries.

Together with my wife, we run a primary school for 600 children, a health post, and are involved in humanitarian work as well as church work and have been here since 1996.

We installed a Vulcan Hydram to pump spring water to our house, village and school but because it’s not mains pressure we needed to boost the water pressure and that’s why we installed the Shower Power Booster!

We have two on the washing machine and two for the bathroom, installing them ourselves in 2015/2017. It was dead easy to install and we’re just average DIY’s.

landscape photo of Angola and a jeep

It’s made a massive difference, my wife can now use an automatic washing machine with the improved water pressure and the bath fills quicker!

We would definitely recommend anyone with low water pressure to buy one. We are amazed too that the little filters have never clogged as our water supply is very sandy.

Brian, Shower Power Booster customer since 2015!


A huge thank you to Brian for sharing his experience using the Shower Power Booster and what a story!

As a company, we’re incredibly proud to have reached all corners of the world, simplifying the way people can boost their water pressure and ultimately, get the perfect shower… or in Brian’s wife’s case… the perfect automatic washing machine – brilliant!

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