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Shower Power Booster

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Fortic and Close Coupled Tanks - Shower Power Booster

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Fortic or other close coupled Tanks are very common in flats and other homes which do not have access to a loft. Most plumbers will advise you cannot boost the hot water from a Fortic Tank with a traditional shower pump.

You Can Boost the Hot Water from a Fortic Tank with a ShowerPowerBooster

ShowerPowerBooster SP21S

Double Boost with the SP21S to get the equivalent of mains mressure on the hot.

Traditional pumps will try to pull out water too fast from your tank which causes the pump to cavitate and burn out. If it does manage to pull out the water it needs not to cavitate then your limited cold water storage will soon run out. The Shower Power Booster is designed not to overheat, or cavitate, and it will not pull out water at a rate which exceeds the water required for a shower. It will significantly improve the flow to a bath.

It’s an easy DIY job, you can fit the pump inline using your existing pipework, and it’s a 10-minute job for most. We offer a dedicated help service so that if you want to give it a go we can talk you through what you need to do.

The fully automatic SP21S is the model that best suits your needs as it will give you the equivalent of mains pressure hot when feeding your shower (switch the cold feed to your shower to mains pressure if you have not so done already). Please contact Gemma on 01928 77211 for further information.

A picture of a Fortic Tank

A Close Coupled Tank (Fortic Tank)