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How to improve your shower in a rental property - Shower Power Booster

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Whether you’re a homeowner, live in a rental property, are a plumber, or a business owner, our customers are the most important part of what we do. Each month we will be bringing you stories from our customers about how the Shower Power Booster has helped solve their water pressure problems.


First up is Amy Wright, daughter of Alan Wright (Inventor of the Shower Power Booster), on her experience with the pump.

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The first time I fitted the Shower Power Booster was when I was in my final year of university (2016). We were in a 3 bedroom house in Southampton, sharing with 3 other people.


Like many students, we unfortunately experienced a landlord who is a bit pants when it comes to addressing problems with our rental home but coming from a family of DIY’ers and having an inventor for a dad, I was happy to solve a lot of the problems myself.


The main issue we had with our rental property was a rubbish shower and dribbly taps, barely enough water to wash out shampoo! The landlord was not willing to pay for a traditional pump (or any other solution). Luckily, my dad has invented the Shower Power Booster and we had been enjoying the pump’s effects on our family home since he invented it back in 2012.


I knew it was something someone could DIY but as I had no experience with plumbing(!), I wasn’t entirely convinced. I had watched dad’s YouTube videos fitting the pump and decided to have a go at installing it myself. The benefit of installing the Shower Power Booster, among the obvious of a great shower and overall water pressure, is that if you keep the bit of pipe you cut away to install the pump, you can easily uninstall the pump at the end of the rental, replace with the cutaway bit of pipe, and take the pump with you to your next home!


Top tip when installing the pump, is to turn off the water before you cut any pipe. Once you’ve done that, there are 3 steps you need to follow before you have brilliant water pressure and fix that awful shower.

When you’re ready to move on from your rental property, you unscrew the fixings, unplug the pump, take this out (save it for the next time you need it) and replace with the cutaway bit of pipe that you removed when you first installed (tighten with the fixings). Watch the full video here.

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If you have had any experiences with the Shower Power Booster that you’d like to share with us, please email our marketing team: