Shower Power Booster

Easy | Efficient | Effective

Shower Power Booster

Easy | Efficient | Effective

Low Mains Water Pressure Booster - Shower Power Booster

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Shower Power Booster is the perfect solution if all you are looking to do is boost a shower or tap which requires up to 6 litres a minute. Perfect for a good shower but a bit on the slow side to fill a bath.

If all you want is a good shower or tap flow the Shower Power Booster is the best solution and at £170 for the double boost SP21S it is half the cost of of rivals basic purchase cost. It is also far easier to fit and can be easily installed under a kitchen sink and in places where no other pump would fit.

Shower Power Booster Specification

12 Volt DC high performance pump which plugs into existing 3 pin socket (12 volt transformer supplied)

30 Watts power requirement

No Electrician Required (Its plug and play)
Cost £170 for double boost SP21S
Max Increase in Pressure = 1.1 bars
Maximum Boosted Flow 9.5 litres/minute (*)
Typical maximum boosted flow 6 to 8 litres/minute
Optimal Boosted flow 5 to 7 litres/minute
Noise <50 Db at 0.1 metres 
Power Usage 30 Watts Dimensions
 150mm x 42mm x 125mm
 Weight 0.18 KG (per pump)

It is legal to fit a ShowerPowerBooster on the cold mains feed – Click here to see an extract from the Regulations