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A ‘good’ shower by traditional UK standards is a shower with enough flow to wash suds from long hair and enough pressure to give a nice invigorating shower spray – 6 litres a minute and at least 3 metres head. A ‘good shower’ or a ‘perfect shower’ is something which is very subjective and in one hotel review I read about a poor shower which was adjudged to be ‘poor’ because the water was so powerful it stung the skin. In India a shower is a status symbol for anything less than a flow 3 times the legal maximum in the USA is a ‘sanitary’ shower.

I argue that a perfect shower is one that is a balance between volume and pressure and getting a volume and pressure which results in a refreshing envigorating shower.

If you have less than 5 litres a minute you will end up spending more time in the shower so overall you will use more water trying to wash suds away. Anything less than 2 metres head and the lack of pressure and spray pattern from the shower head will be noticeable by the user and could result in adverse remarks.

Some plumbers will insist that 1 bar is the minimum required for a good shower. Utter nonsense, many shower mixers work well will as little as 0.1 bars pressure (1 metre head), and with a shower power booster adding 3 metres head you will have x4 the minimum giving you a good shower without the noise and disturbance from a big over-powered shower booster, and, save yourself a fortune into the bargain.

A 7.2 KW electric shower heating water to 30 degrees centigrade which will give you 3.5 litres a minute, whilst others consider 4.0 litres a minute the absolute minimum for a good shower in winter.

To get a good shower you need enough water to wash away suds, enough pressure so that the shower is invigorating, the right temperature – not too hot or too cold

In the USA the maximum flow permitted from a shower head is 9.5 litres a minute and the UK government is looking to bring in an even lower rate of perhaps 8 or 9 litres a minute.

A typical UK Power Shower will claim to give you 12+ litres a minute but this is from the shower hose and not head and to achieve the lower flows our manufacturers put in flow restrictors in the shower head to kill energy and reduce the flow and pressure. The Shower Power Booster gives a great shower using science instead of crazy flow restrictors to create a maximum flow rate of 8 litres a minute and an optimum output of 6 litres a minute mixing 4 litres of hot with 2 litres of cold in a typical gravity shower.

We sell a small micro pump throughout the world and the choice of 6 litres a minute for its optimum output is no accident as the SPB is targeted to produce the perfect shower, and better still if you switch from a bath to a shower you will save a fortune.

In Summary:-

3.5 litres a minute – 7.2 KW electric shower heating the water 30 degrees centigrade
4.0 litres a minute – is often perceived as the minimum flow for an adequate shower in winter
4.7 litres a minute – 9.8 KW electric shower heating water 30 degrees centigrade
6.0 litres a minute is a good shower by traditional UK standards
5.5 to 6.5 litres a minute is the typical output from a showerpowerbooster
9.5 litres a minute is the maximum permitted flow for a shower in the USA
12+ litres a minute is the typical claimed output of a UK Power Shower (Although getting 12 litres a minute through a traditional UK shower head debatable as the head loss in a shower head will kill most of the pressure once flow exceed 6 litres a minute.).

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