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I used to think that a rain shower uses lots of water to drench the customer. A rain shower is a shower which mimics falling rain to drench the user, but there are several types of rain!

Rain varies from a cloud burst to light drizzle. Shower Power Boosters will not do cloudburst as they will not pump much more than 9 litres a minute, and neither will they do drizzle (which would be a poor shower anyway!).

The featured shower head is 300mm across but it only has 122 nozzles which is the same number as a WRightChoice shower head. Although the nozzles are a bit bigger the Shower Power Booster the shower needs less pressure to make the shower head work so:-

Yes it is a Rain Shower
Yes the shower power booster will boost this particular Rain Shower (Assuming of course it needs boosting!)

The science of boosting rain showers is complicated by there being no real definition of a rain shower so I will do my best to describe what is a rain shower?

To do this I first need to explain the 3 main types of shower because each shower needs different pressures and flow rates:-

Rain Showers
A rain shower has a shower head that relies on a large volume of water flowing at low pressure and it is the volume of water which gets the coverage needed. A shower power booster will boost 8 litres of water for a rain shower so with a single pump on the hot you can expect 8 litres boosted with a shower power booster plus 4 litres un-boosted so up to 12 litres a minute!

It is not the size of the shower head that determines if it is a rain shower as there are many large shower heads with just a few small nozzle jets. The smaller the nozzles the more pressure you need and the less water you need, and the shower power booster pumps less.