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Shower Power Booster

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Fitting a pump under a bath. - Shower Power Booster

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Fitting a pump under the bath is ideal if you only have a problem with the shower over the bath – fitting it next to the hot water cylinder will improve all taps and showers but if the bathroom shower is the only problem, fitting a SP22S on the hot and cold pipes under the bath, is the best solution.


Fitting the pumps under the bath also has the added advantage in that fitting them here, when other taps are used in the house, the pump maintains pressure to the shower above the bath. You can continue to shower without the fluctuations in pressure and temperature you would have without the pump. The pump out competes other taps to maintain pressure and flow to the shower unless you open the bath tap full and then that risks taking all the water available!

A shower power booster is not a conventional power shower pump and can be legally be fitted under a bath (it operates at 12 volts DC which is safe), it will not overheat, or cavitate. You can even buy low voltage extension leads (£5 for 2 metres), to get the power to the pumps under the bath. Our fully waterproof SPB pumps are totally  safe and legal to fit in a bathroom by a DIY enthusiast as the transformer is safely out of the bathroom.

If you have 22mm plastic or copper pipes under the bath simply cut 110mm of pipe out and slip a pump on the hot, another on the cold. To complete the job all you need is our SP22S, a 3 metre cable, and in a few minutes you are sorted.

If you do not want to install the pumps on a length of straight pipe there are lots of other options which you may want to consider. Please click on my blog explaining “other fitting options for pumps under a bath”

Traditional power shower Pumps Vs Shower Power Booster
Traditional booster pumps have a high risk of cavitation which means they need to be close to the hot water cylinder and are likely to damage themselves under a bath. Traditional shower pumps are 240 volt and can be dangerous in close contact with water. Traditional power shower pumps are not waterproof. (And we all know how much noise they make.) Installing a traditional power shower under a bath can invalidate the warranty.

A Shower Power Booster is designed to go under the bath, under a floorboard, in the loft, or in a partition wall. It fits at any angle, in any direction, on any 15mm, 22mm, and even 28mm pipe, and it’s very easy to fit (that’s the way we designed it). The Shower Power Booster is unique, and we have a patent granted to prove it.

Shower Power Boosters are waterproof and designed to be safe even when immersed in water.
Shower Power Boosters are unique and give a great refreshing boosted shower simply fitted under a bath, so if you like a bath, and you would also like a great shower, you can now really “have your cake and eat it!” Fit a shower mixer tap and turn your low water pressure shower to a boosted shower, and a dribbly shower changes to a really great refreshing shower.
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Unlike traditional pumps which need and electrician to install, you can plug our pump into a standard 3 pin socket, or if you want to be really cleaver, wire it in to the lighting circuit or bathroom fan so that the pumps run as soon as you switch the fan or light on. You cannot do this with a traditional pump which may need a dedicated power supply all the way back to the main fuse board but with ours you can, so this is a great option.

If you are using the light switch to power the pumps you can even save money by buying the manual version of the pumps (buy a SP1 + SP1U)