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Shower Power Booster

Easy | Efficient | Effective

Shower Power Booster

Easy | Efficient | Effective

ICL Best Water Innovation


Used in Over 15,000 UK HOMES

ICL best water innovation | As seen on BBC DRAGONS DEN | Used in over 15,000 UK HOMES


Updates, tips and advice for the Shower Power Booster

How To Prevent ShowerPowerBooster Joints Leaking

A leak free joint is easy if you understand a compression joint. Putting plumbers mate or tape on the wrong component can cause a leak. We have chosen compression joints for ShowerPowerBoosters because they are the easiest joint to fit and avoid leaks. Too much...

Technical Support & Science and History

Shower Power Booster is a unique disruptive technology which performs above expected norms. Developed as a micro pump to boost water it performs with an efficiency x20 that of bigger pumps. Working for Water Utilities for 30 years I myself worked on the basis that to...

Boosting Showers And Taps with Mains Pressure Systems

A Shower Power Booster is uniquely suited to boost any mains pressure pipe including electric showers, combi boilers, and mega flows. Pumps are available as a single pump or in bundles of two pumps. The SP2B is a fully automatic pump and a single pump will be...

Boosting Gravity Hot with Gravity Cold or Mains Cold Systems

A Shower Power Booster is available as a single pump or in bundles of two pumps. A ShowerPowerBooster will boost any and all systems but it is particularly useful in boosting gravity and mixed gravity systems where existing pressures are low. It will not impeded flow...

Plumbers Registration – List Of Installers

As part of our Plumbers Registration Scheme we are linking back to the web sites of plumbers from our site to increase the SEO ranking of those plumbers that have linked to this site. This page is a work in progress and will...

Fitting a Shower Power Booster near a Hot Water Cylinder

Many properties suffer poor water pressure throughout the home resulting in poor performance of showers and taps. Fitting a single ShowerPowerBooster pump near your hot water cylinder will give every tap better pressure and flow and typically it will add four times...

Triple Boosting a Gravity Shower With a Shower Power Booster

The Shower Power Booster is a micro pump which increases pressure to any pipe it is fitted on. You can single boost, double boost, and in exceptional circumstances triple boost. This blog explains in detail why you might want to double or triple boost rather than just...

ShowerPowerBooster Sponsors Plumbing Forum

ShowerPowerBooster now sponsors the If you have questions specific to water pressure problems we are happy to give advice however for advice on matters such as tiling and more general problems the Plumber Forum is a great place for...

Shower Power Booster SP2B

The Shower Power Booster SP2B is the fully automatic in-line automatic shower power booster manufactured in the UK by Flowflex at their factory in Buxton Derbyshire. You can buy direct from the manufacturer and inventor through Simple To Fit...